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Music Academy for Success

Creating conditions for young people from small villages in Bulgaria to Improve their language skills which will help them to participate actively in the democratic processes.


Who is behind this?



Who is joining forces?

Municipality of Dzhebel


Municipality of Chernoochene


Municipality of Ivaylovgrad


Organisation Name: Municipality of Nikola Kozlevo Website: Organisation Name: Municipality of Isperih Website: Country: Bulgaria


Idea pitch

The aim of the initiative is to overcome the challenges that young people face due to their difficulties in communicating in Bulgarian and developing communicational skills in English through the Art of singing.
The methods of non-formal education will be used to improve the students’ language knowledge and skills and thus increase their chances for successful participation in public life and their career development.
The activities will involve more than 100 young people from small vil

Where will your project idea take place?

Dzhebel, Chernoochene, Ivaylovgrad, Nikola Kozlevo and Isperih are small villages and towns in rural

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

The selected regions are geographically remote and do not create opportunities for personal development of young. Often in these villages the official language is not spoken within the closed communities in which the young people grow. This limits their perspectives for personal development and active inclusion in social life, as well as the career path. The lack of language and narrative competences is sustainable obstacle for the young and it stops them for participation in public life and limits their opportunities for communication with peers.
Improving the language skills of young will have a positive impact on their self-confidence, develop their talents and make them more adaptable to the dynamic economic and prepare them for active participation in democratic processes.

Who are you doing it for?

The planned activities will be attended by more than 100 young people age 15 - 22, who are the target group, but will also include representatives of local organizations - municipality, community centres, libraries and cultural organizations. Raising the skills and competencies of young is responsibility of the whole local community and we will seek support from local authorities. We plan to work with the parents of the participants, because their support is also very important, and often families either do not have the opportunity to support children or also have limited opportunities to participate in democratic processes and this is transferred to the young population.It is important for us to involve all people from different levels and to motivate and engage them in social activities.

How do you plan to get there?

Our idea is groups of young people to be educated by local teachers, coached by highly qualified mentors. The activities of the groups will be related to development of skills for singing, recitation, stage behaviour and presentation to the public and the tasks will be in Bulgarian and English. Monthly will be held online meetings with famous artists, who will talk about their work and motivate the young. The skills will be gradually built and at the end of the project a FESTIVAL of the participants will be organized, during which they will present their achievements and show their talent. They will get to know each other and use the developed new skills and competencies in practice. The final meeting will be attended by other parties who work in the field of young people development.

What are the expected results?

After the implementation of the Idea, the young people who participated in the initiative will be able to communicate more successful with each other, with institutions and to actively participate in democratic processes. They will be active citizens in their communities and will increase their chances for realization.The developed communication skills in Bulgarian and English will contribute to increasing their motivation and confidence, they will be able to make independent decisions that concern their and the community's active civic participation. They will be a model for their peers and thus encourage them to participate actively in the democratic processes. Their success will provoke local communities to make efforts to develop and change stereotypes for positive change of community

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Our idea is to educate (by music, theatre) the young, who face serious obstacles for active citizenship and participation in democratic processes.
The lack of language competencies puts the youngs in a disadvantageous position, stops their access to institutions, limits their public life. This leads to ignorance of their civil rights, which makes them vulnerable and unprepared to participate in democratic processes. They are easily manipulated and used for political purpose. Lack of knowledge about civil rights and non-engagement in the democratic processes of young people from these areas leads to very early-age marriages and discontinuation in education. The challenges for young people are difficult to overcome without support for the development of civic skills and confidence-building.

Why is this idea important to you?

ArtCenter Karnolsky unreservedly believes in the power of musical and theatrical art to reveal the potential of young people and make them successful not only as artists but also as active citizens. Musicians and artists stand behind causes and reach millions with their messages. The causes that ArtCenter Karnolsky defends are - to change people and society through socialization and integration of marginalized or disadvantaged groups, to work for their inclusion and to increase their civic activity through art. Every year we have initiatives for the benefit of young people with disabilities. Our success inspires us for this project, because we are confident in the effect that will be produced by implementing the activities described in this idea.

€ 73400,-

Total budget

€ 45700,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

€ 14 000 Office expenses
€ 33 000 Personnel, mentors, supervisors
€ 2 100 Travel and accommodation
€ 9 000 Equipment, materials
€ 7 900 Public relation
€ 7 400 Festival

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Any idea, comment or support would help us become even stronger in achieving our mission.
Every organization is welcome to join our efforts to develop and support children and young people from geographically remote small villages, marginalized groups or disadvantaged groups.



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