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“I AM WE” project



Who is behind this?

Petia Nedialkova

I am WE



Idea pitch

Creating a digital interactive infrastructure - a new environment for online communication between representatives of local NGOs, Municipality, Social Entrepreneurs in small settlements and Academies, Programs and Donors for project financing, Companies with developed socially responsible activity etc. in order to realize the full potential and opportunities of small communities to overcome existing problems and emerging ones for civil society organizations in the context of the current COVID-19

Where will your project idea take place?

In three small settlements in Bulgaria and in the online environment of the digital infrastructure.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Lack of funding and expertise to meet the growing social needs; lack of resources to adapt their activities in the online environment; Poor access to information and opportunities for upgrading or acquiring new knowledge and skills; Risk of social isolation and depopulation (mainly by young and able-bodied people) of small settlements and communities; Risk of encapsulation of the community and loss of civic sensitivity to important to the community topics, Risk of practicing and imposing more authoritarian methods, individual decisions and subjectivism, due to the existing process of forming a nucleus (for better or worse) around a prominent person or group in the community, on which depends the access to the up-to-date and useful information, job opportunities, financing, etc .

Who are you doing it for?

Communities in three small settlements in Bulgaria with different economic, geographical and socio-demographic characteristics, with representatives from all sectors - active citizens, NGOs, local administration, Business, Donors and others wishing to participate in the process of implementing the idea. The organizational digital interactive infrastructure aims to provide personalized products and services, adequate to the specific needs of both the community as a whole and its individual members, who will achieve consensus on local strategies, goals and ideas for development of the region given the current realities and challenges; Community problems in the short and long term; The availability and lack of key human, financial, organizational, material or other resources in the region.

How do you plan to get there?

1.Selection of three small settlements with different characteristics, where to initiate a debate and reach a consensus between representatives of public authorities, local NGOs, Social and other Entrepreneurs on important for the small communities topics relevant to the building of the infrastructure. 2. Building the digital infrastructure according to the criteria and requirements, synthesized during the meetings and periodically updated through the planned discussions with each of the small communities and take action to attract and involve as partners in the platform of Public Authorities, Institutes, Programs and Donors for funding, NGOs with specialized activities. 3. Validate the platform by using it to solve a specific local problem or the accomplishment of an initiative.

What are the expected results?

Beneficial effect on the dialogue between the different sectors and finding acceptable solutions to the issues under discussion; Rethinking of the role of every citizen in solving community problems by supporting and encouraging local community to start and develop activities useful for the community for improving the quality of life; Reduce the socio-economic stratification between big cities and small settlements; Consolidation of the ecosystem of small communities in Bulgaria; Encourage the socially responsible activity of the business environment; Improved access to needed resources.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The digital interactive infrastructure provides an opportunity for the development of a sustainable small community unit in an offline and online environment for civic education and social activity at the local level; Gives the opportunity to support ideas, individuals and organizations based or working in communities outside the big cities and to develop their capacity and skills to establish themselves as active participants in public and economic life; Enables small communities, to overcome the problems with their small size, insufficient funding, limited organizational skills and lack of the necessary knowledge and helps them to be active citizens in the local community and take on the role of creators of their own well-being for a better life.

Why is this idea important to you?

The idea to initiate a process for creating an organizational digital interactive infrastructure - a new environment and opportunities for online communication along with the physical one between all participants (stakeholders, institutions, organizations, etc.) is a response in search of a multifunctional, multidimensional and broad-spectrum solution to overcome problems and satisfy the needs, especially of the communities from the small settlements and municipalities. The consolidation of the competencies and experience in different areas of the team members gives an opportunity to find and apply new integrated approaches and upgrade existing systems and models for dealing with the challenges and problems of small communities.

€ 49000,-

Total budget

€ 45000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Building, Maintenance and Sustentation of the Platform, Website and Design, Software, Cloud services etc. - 15 000 \\ Project Management, Database for the infrastructure, Personnel costs, Office materials, Accounting, Communications, etc - 22 000\\ Expenses for the activity in the regions - Travel and accommodation; Supplies, materials, equipment and space rental etc - 12 000\\ The amount of 4,000 euro is my personal fund that I have provided to participate in financing the project.

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

I would strongly appreciate any of your advice, guidance or suggestion to supplement the content or form of the project in order to achieve optimal results from the realization of the idea.
Thanks in advance!


Petia Nedialkova

Idea created on May 14, 2020
Last edit on May 27, 2020

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