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Eat local, think healthy

Connecting people to their food and health


Who is behind this?

Ines Sukič

Društvo za prepih znanja in informacij Vöter (Društvo Vöter) - Association Vöter


Who is joining forces?

Kocljevina – zavod za usposabljanje in zaposlovanje invalidnih oseb (Eko–socialna kmetija Kocljevina): Kocljevina - Institute for Training and Employment of Disabled Persons (Eco-Social Farm Kocljevina)


Center za krepitev zdravja Zdravstveni dom Gornja Radgona: Health Promotion Centre -Community Health Centre Gornja Radgona


Kocljevina is engaged in organic farming with the basic concept of self-sufficiency. Center for Health Promotion GR performs activities to promote health and reduce health inequalities.


Idea pitch

Will we choose a healthier tomorrow? Pomurje region is defined by changes in the social structure related to health problems and unhealthy dietary patterns. Young people, the elderly, socially weaker are particularly at risk. Through workshops and promotional films we want to make them aware of health as a value and positive aspects of locally produced food and self-sufficiency. Our goal is a more vital and healthier lifestyle for target groups and increased use of locally grown food.

Where will your project idea take place?

Pomurje region, Slovenia

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Pomurje is, according to most indicators, the least developed region in Slovenia. Since the independence of Slovenia (1991), it is facing the problem of depopulation, brain drain, economic migration and aging of the population, which affects the entire spectrum of social life. Most of the region's population is thus not actively involved in public and social life, even if they are encouraged to do so. Aging, lower educational structure and higher unemployment affects health and activity. In recent decades cancers and obesity have risen, which is also linked to unhealthy diet. Through project activities, we will promote a more vital and healthier way of life for target groups and general public, with an emphasis on the possibilities of exploiting the potential of the region.

Who are you doing it for?

With its activities, project addresses the widest circle of the population, guided by concern for specific target groups. Through various activities, we will especially address vulnerable groups, including the young, elderly, unemployed, with the desire to reduce health inequalities, which are manifested as differences in health issues among population with different socio-economic status. Project activities are designed to encourage the active participation of target groups, by promoting diversity and openness to different perspectives. Partners come from different sectors of activity (NGOs, public institutions, social enterprises) and each will contribute their knowledge and experience, which will enable a greater impact and a wider circle of beneficiaries of the project results.

How do you plan to get there?

Our idea is based on active participation of target groups and general public in different activities related to healthier life and increased use of locally grown food. The road to develop our project has following steps: promotion of the project, it's goals, activities; preparation of the concept of workshops and promotional films; reaching target groups/general public; implementation of workshops and production of films to raise awareness of people with active contribution to the content. We want to conduct 7 workshops, make 5 short films (3-5 min). 4 workshops will be contucted at Kocljevina and related to food production/processing, 3 will be associated with excercise adapted to target groups. Participants will contribute to the content/topics: statement, performance, demonstration.

What are the expected results?

The expected result is a more vital and healthier lifestyle for the target groups and increased use of locally grown food, which are extremely important for health, quality of life and well-being. We want to emphasize that local food is much healthier, safer and of better quality. If we have the opportunity, knowledge and will, we can also produce many things ourselves. The decision therefore depends only on ourselves. Will we choose food that is healthy, wholesome, and doesn’t have hundreds of unnecessary miles behind it? Changing attitudes towards locally produced food and excercise is an important value, and local sustainable care has, in addition to better quality food, a wider social significance.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Project will promote a more vital and healthy lifestyle of the Pomurje population, by stimulating the consumption of safe, healthy, locally, and sustainably produced food in connection with food self-sufficiency. Through the promotion of self-sufficiency in food, the population of the region and local communities will become more aware of its importance and the positive aspects of the locally produced food on their health. At the same time, residents are becoming more (ecologically) conscious and sensitive to the negative impacts of companies and / or politics on their daily lives. In this way, as more active citizens, they influence the strengthening of a democratic society of the local community / region / country.

Why is this idea important to you?

Pomurje is the least developed region in Slovenia, with at-risk-of-poverty rate among the highest in Slovenia. Unemployment in this part of the country is also among the highest along with the lowest wages. The link between poor socio-economic status and poor health is obvious. At the same time, the region offers a quality living environment and many untapped rural potentials. Compared to other Slovenian regions and its wider surroundings, Pomurje has a comparative advantage towards sustainable solutions in the field of nutrition. Nevertheless, the level of food self-sufficiency is declining from year to year. We want to change the mentality of the people, a wisdom of life that sees locally grown food and exercise as a source of health and a way of material survival.

€ 47500,-

Total budget

€ 47500,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Office expenses: 1.000 EUR
Travel costs: 1.500 EUR
Personnell (full-time contracts, part-time contracts): 20.000 EUR
External services (films): 15.000 EUR
Project promotion (website, social media, other media, flyers) 7.000 EUR
Material (workshops): 3.000 EUR

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We are certainly interested in whether our idea is relevant and interesting enough for other EU regions. We would also appreciate any additional incentives (improvements, suggestions) to improve it. Especially we are looking forward to wider connections, networking and possible new partnerships.



Uroš Koštric


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