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Dog Field of Hope

Community dog walking, and rehabilitation field aiming to build better community helping understand dogs behaviours


Who is behind this?

Klaudia Glazer

Pacsi Kutyamenhely Alapitvany



Idea pitch

Civic cohesion is defined as the ability, knowledge and willingness of individuals to cooperate with each other in order to prosper, grow and learn as a community in a changing world. Is this not the case in this region and why? Do community members lack an understanding that citizens can act and contribute to positive change in their community and why? Does the civic infrastructure include a striving civil society sector, informal groups, access to decision and policymaking, community centres,

Where will your project idea take place?

Hajdúböszörmény East Hungary close to Ukrain borders

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

There is societal pressure between the residents, but we believe these tensions can be eased by building a communal dog walking field and safe area where people can relax and learn as a mixed group in a calm environment. We hope that an open area where you can meet people and enjoy nature will create an atmosphere where there is less separation. There is currently no platform for people to have access to decision making as a community and they are isolated, but at a field where they share common interests (children playing, dog walking) dialogue can be opened. This will also be a chance for us to educate all residents on dog welfare/ training, therefore reducing the amount of stray/aggressive dogs in the area. Gentrification of the land will improve the mental health of the people

Who are you doing it for?

There are roughly 40,500 people living in the district, and 36,000 describe themselves as ethnic groups other than Hungarian. With this amount of diversity, we aim for our field to be accessible to everyone - any age, ability, or social class with no discrimination, which is something that has not been attempted before. The area is home to Debrecen University, however, there are high levels of unemployment in youth and older residents. We want to inspire the younger generation to promote positive change, leading the way for a more active, cohesive community that can learn the value of working together to empower themselves and improve their living space. Reliance on agriculture and related industry in the town means that there should be plenty of skilled volunteers to assist us.

How do you plan to get there?

We carried out research on the need for a secure dog walking field in the area with very promising results. We attempt to fundraise towards our plan, and applying for the grant.
We will post a detailed plan in action with town leadership with the aim of getting help towards our idea.
We will post for ideas, and opinions of the citizens, and getting them to feel they are apart, once they are with the power of the community willing to act we will start with fencing around the area, write up the policies, and rules with the help of the community, we will safely plan out enrichment, and dog playpark area separated from children's play area, toilet facilities, and self serve coffee. We plan to build in phases in a way we can afford and sustainable.

What are the expected results?

We expect people to meet up and talk outdoors about new ideas, and active communities to build. From Covid we learned outdoor areas have are more and more value to everyone, we would like to have a positive view of civil organisations, and the work we do for our local communities. Thinking through a problem, with multiple positive outcomes hopefully will teach a very good view to sort regional problems that might be giving an easy solution through lobbying, and provide impact on leadership too to openly discuss plans before enforcing them with the community there might be a joined development or civilians would have another way they want to be enforced. The wider impact we can provide, the better outcome is.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The project will take lobbying and we would like to involve in this phase everyone possible, so they can feel something can change and they played a valuable role in this. The improvement itself of the old pound area is very much important because currently in neither environmentally, or safe in regards to human, or animal health. We hoping we can lobby well enough we not only provide a dog walking field but with the help of the community we can sort a live problem. So in regards to this above, we will involve the citizens of the town in a complex issue affecting everyone. Example bad handling of animal waste ( generates an off smell, and flies) In order to succeed we going through humane community development course.

Why is this idea important to you?

We are very lucky with our shelter manager who holds 4 diplomas, and wide knowledge of health and environmental planning, engineering, We have 5 people on the board of directors, with various skills relevant 4 employee, and 5 volunteers. We would like to widen the volunteers as much as possible before the plan comes to action.
To succeed we would like to organise a summer camp for children in need, whilst their family members working, to provide for the families, so they can learn about animal welfare, and create a presentation for the parents on a closure family day. Having fun can make people to engage more and more with animal welfare, and getting them used to them can count on civil organisations, and worth to collaborate them, in order to change our society stronger.

€ 45000,-

Total budget

€ 35000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Fencing 10-15000 EUR
Toilet and social facility 10000 EUR
Builders wages, deliveries, 2-3000 EUR
Advertising, and holding a conversation 1-2000EUR
Planning, and permissions 1000 EUR
Volunteers petrol, and travel 200EUR
Safe dog equipment 1-2000 EUR
Social benches 1000 EUR
Children playing area 10-15000 EUR
Lobbying, lawyers, and planning 1-3000EUR
Summer Camp for Children in need whilst family members can work 3000 Eur

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

I find this amazing because just what we need people getting involved to make a change, is the first step seemingly small, but is important to us all. We need our community to be put on the map basically, to see we need help, and support and to recognise there is more to be done outside the capital.




Idea created on March 25, 2021
Last edit on April 17, 2021

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