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Who is behind this?





Idea pitch

DIVERSE VISIONI is addressed to refugees, asylum seekers, native young and groups at risk of discrimination. It is born in a historical moment when Italy had to face the immigration “alert”. In DV’s view, access to cultural life is an inalienable right. INVITATION TO THEATRE is the base of the project. A shared vision (of a performance, a movie, a show), in a non-conflictual situation, allows for comparing different representations of social life always within the ideal of mutual meeting

Where will your project idea take place?


What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Palermo has the structural and economic limits of the cultural peripheries and the potential of a polycentric historically and culturally multi-ethnic urban reality. DV, by realizing path of shared vision as opportunities of sharing and discussion between different cultures and by increasing cultural participation and positive ties between young migrants and local community, tries to show the close connection between welfare and culture and to affirm culture as an inalienable right of man even before that of the citizen. Theatre is the space in which relationships and identities can be, in a non-traumatic way, renegotiated and recognized. The aim of the project is to live the marginality as a wealth able to generate new cultural ecosystems and allow the emergence of new narratives.

Who are you doing it for?

Targets: young artists, women, students, intercultural groups with an high presence of migrants, refugees and asylum seekers, young people with migratory background. DV aims to create, in an intercultural horizon, an open group (always ready for new inclusions) of about 20 “new” spectators. Particular attention will be paid to the involvement of women.

How do you plan to get there?

- PRELIMINARY PHASE: needs analysis, dissemination of the initiative, meetings and exchange with cultural and social organisation active on the area
• free tickets and reduced admissions: stipulation of agreements between BLITZ and the theatrical spaces of Palermo
• advertising initiative in significant sites (first hospitality centres, structures operating on territory)
• “soirée” at the theatre (the goal is to create the opportunity for at least 4 “different visions” with the related meetings)
• Preliminary and follow up meetings: each vision includes a preliminary meeting, where the cultural tools to understand the play are given and a follow-up meeting focusing on themes and critical points
• monitoring and verification: multiple-choice questionnaires, aimed at verifying expectations, progress and evaluations of the work performed, will be adopted as detection tools during the preliminary and follow – up meetings.

- SPACE OF THEORETICAL ELABORATION AND LANGUAGE ANALYSIS. Organization of occasions of study and debate (focus groups, round tables, articles on the web sites and publications) in order to stimulate the production of a democratic debate about the complex, multicultural and fragmented social reality.

What are the expected results?

-realizing participative cultural processes able to active critical debate about cultural topics and to generate a social capital of informal networks aimed at creation of positive ties between society and individual/society and new communities.
-realizing path of shared vision as opportunities of sharing and discussion between different cultures and way of representation
-widening the best practices’ networks with institutional entities for an active offer of intercultural exchange
-involvement of theatres, associations, companies that host the project, in audience engagement and audience development strategies based on the right of access culture
-activating processes of multicultural and inclusive artistic creation and training in order to impulse the production of new narratives.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

DV through the shared vision of shows, preparatory meetings and analysis sessions, produces language learning, civil awareness, knowledge of the landing context, but also memorial salvation of one’s origins. At the core of the practice is the question of the social function of art. The innovative aspect of the project consists in placing the "vision" at the centre of the methodology: the way we watch each other determines the way we decide to build the world we live in. The symmetrical relationship created by this non-conflictual setting favors an extraordinary empowerment first of all of the responsibility to interfacing with others and learning to express feelings and sensations.

Why is this idea important to you?

Blitz is born from a feeling of belonging to a territory and the urgency to understand what is "space" in a dimension that is progressively more and more homologating. Theatre is the core of the project. Margherita Ortolani (playwright, actress, theatre trainer) is person in charge for artistic direction and Vito Bartucca (scenographer, puppeteer, theatre trainer) is person in charge for project management. The team take also advantage of an intercultural mediator and an art curator. The involvement of people who have already taken part in the path of Diverse Visioni with responsibility tasks (advertising, intercultural communication) is very important for the new phases of the project.

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€ 12780,-

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