Education and research | Journalism

FLAME: Fostering Learning and Media Education

There is a notable gap in understanding, let alone writing and doing, social and political critique in Bulgaria. A simplistic “fault-finding” approach and a widely promoted ideological neoliberal dis…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Founding a Readery for Women "Dimitrana Ivanova"

The chitalishte is owned by the community and serves cultural, educational, community bonding, and other strictly communal purposes as defined in the legislation. This is the first chitalishte specif…
Community development | Social inclusion

Awesome Power: caring for the homeless together

According to the EPA, Bulgaria's mental health system is falling apart leading to people falling through the net, and often even to human rights violations. People who do not have acute symptoms but …
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

City of the Sun

Using educational and organizational tools, arts and theatre, coaching and supportive systems, we will empower young people to create a resilient networking community to protect their interests in th…

Corina Fake News Shakers

Via a dedicated website and a facebook page, the project exposes fake news and conspiracy theories regarding COVID-19 in Bulgaria while at the same time educates in media literacy and critical thinki…

The Orion Grid Action Learning Space

The social and political imagery is in a decline, people are lacking the conceptional and the methodological tools to become the best they can be and to change their societies. The Orion Grid Action …
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