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Environment and sustainability

PHIUMANA: percorsi di cultura ambientale

promote eco-friendly lifestyles and active citizenship by training participants in monitoring and screening river courses with a digital database


Who is behind this?

Marco Iamiceli

Associazione Culturale Paese dell'Acqua



Idea pitch

Digital river screening as a model for environmental lifestyles through river monitoring walks. 20 associations will receive training on river monitoring and protection of Common Goods. River monitoring with manual data mapping will be carried out along the Sassinora stream and, reworked with the IFF model, will become available on the website of the lead organization. Public presentation of the digital project will promote the updating of the digital mapping and information on river wellness

Where will your project idea take place?

Tammaro Valley - Region Campania - South of Italy

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Our city Sassinoro, in the Tammaro valley area, is full of rivers, water sources, and mountain paths, often unknown and consequently not considered. Sassinoro is located in the hinterland and as many other mountain areas, is at risk of being depopulated and devoid of specific economic activities. As a result, we have fewer and fewer people, increasingly less interested in the ecological condition of the territory. Our region must form citizenship by creating employment opportunities that prevent or limit the phenomenon of depopulation of internal areas, creating the conditions for a return emigration. At the same time, the territory will be able to invest in itself by proposing the green communities and becoming an attractor also from an environmental tourism point of view

Who are you doing it for?

The project promotes digital river screening in the AltoTammaro area, thus encouraging environmentally-friendly lifestyles through river monitoring walks. 20 associations are the target of this project and will receive training on river monitoring and on the characteristics of the protection of Commons. They receive knowledge on Commons and active citizenship, which will train them on the importance of their active role for the territory. Open-air workshops on environmental education and river monitoring will be carried out along the Sassinora stream, with practical training in manual data mapping. This, reworked with the "IFF" model, will become a new digital project to support the updating of digital mapping and information on river welfare.

How do you plan to get there?

Recipients will participate in 3 workshops ( 9 hours) on commons and active citizenship, in order to increase awareness about the importance of their active role in territorial protection. Along the Sassinora stream, 4 workshops (20 hours) of environmental education aim to develop an environmental conscience and a responsible approach to the territory. This activity is complemented by river observation, using the Fluvial Functionality Index method, which is a very practical tool as it provides a description of the morphometric and biotic parameters of the ecosystem in order to measure the efficiency of a watercourse, without resorting to chemical-physical water analysis. Experts will elaborate the results on topographic maps, will digitize these, and insert the data on the association's website. This will be a space to compare and share the work of collecting information, so as to appreciate changes over time, and provide public access to the status of rivers in the area. The presentation of the digital area and the screening data collected will be made in a final event that aims to foster digital mapping and stimulate public interest in the rivers' wellness. In this event, together with the presentation of the collected data, there will be a discussion with the project participants on the experience made and on the possible river protection projects to be implemented.

What are the expected results?

By putting water resources in the foreground, the project promotes awareness and protection of the environmental heritage in the Alto Tammaro area among active citizens. It proposes to promote environmentally friendly lifestyles, educating participants in the screening of river bodies and encouraging the continuous practice of river screening with a digital database.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The Phiumana project strengthens democracy and active citizenship through two focal points: community and sharing. We create community by bringing back a sense of belonging to the area, through actions aimed at land conservation and river screening according to the IFF, the active citizenship of the area will participate in the cultural development process, spreading their knowledge and increasing eco-sustainable social cohesion. The sharing objective consists in environmental education and knowledge of the commons provided to the target group (which will then be disseminated by the participating associations during their own activities), in the sharing of good practices and in the social and community strengthening that the exchange of knowledge on the wellness of river bodies can create.

Why is this idea important to you?

The Associazione Culturale Paese dell'Acqua was born as development of a collaboration with the Municipality of Sassinoro (BN) since 2008. In connection with the " World Water Day" established by the United Nations, "Sassinoro Paese dell'Acqua" is a public event focused on the protection and preservation of water resources. The association aims to disseminate the concepts of water resources and environmental protection.
Over the years, Paese dell' acqua has become a point of reference for the territory, with the official patronage of the Province of Benevento, the Ministry of the Environment, the Parliamentary Intergroup " Development for the Mountains", the National Uncem. It has grown to a national dimension by developing a network through traveling environmental culture

€ 34665,-

Total budget

€ 31665,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Human resources: € 9,000
Travel and transfers: €3,870
Services: € 8,350
Training: €7,345
Equipment and Materials €2,400
Communication and visibility € 2,500
General expenses € 1,200

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We would like to receive feedback on similar project ideas that other groups are trying to implement, on water resources and land conservation, in order to have a common goal and many more ideas to put together for better future projects, or perhaps collaboration.




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