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Empowering rural women community award

Rural women - marginalized group or initiator of sustainable social development


Who is behind this?

Dijana Katica

Croatian Association for Tourism and Rural Development "The Village Membership Club"


Who is joining forces?

"Iter Vitis" European Federation


Konzorcij Turizem v zidanicah


Association “Uzorne hrvatske seoske žene”


Partner Organisation 4: Organisation name: Association “Lovari - Romska kuća” Country: Croatia


Idea pitch

The inclusion of women in entrepreneurship is a key contribution to the revitalization of rural areas and encourages the prevention of the growth of gender inequality. Target groups are:
Women in rural areas and Roma women. Through training and mentoring for members of vulnerable groups in advocating for their own rights and social inclusion, educational activities that promote inclusion, equal opportunities and introduction of social innovations, the intended impact will be accomplished.

Where will your project idea take place?

Slavonija Baranja Srijem Region, East Croatia

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Our project idea is based for Osijek – Baranja, Požega – Slavonia, Brod - Posavina, Virovitica – Podravina and Vukovar – Srijem County which are undeveloped and deprived areas according to the „Value of the development index and indicators for the calculation of the development index 2018.“. Considering the fact that the project implementation is in underdeveloped areas, the purpose is to reduce the gap between educational standards and current practice in the field of civic education in Croatia. Through educational programs, the potential of target groups (especially women in rural areas, young women and Roma women) will be strengthened in order to improve their existing situation, direct them towards entrepreneurship and meet the needs of these vulnerable groups through a new approach.

Who are you doing it for?

Citizens, Youth, Unemployed, Educational workers, Farmers, Roma, Rural population, Associations and civic initiatives, Women, Women Entrepreneurs, Women - national minorities, Women in rural areas. The project is especially relevant for women in rural areas (young women, owners of family farms, crafts, micro and small enterprises, leaders of agricultural cooperatives, unemployed women and Roma women). Since this effect refers to the increased share of citizens who express civic awareness and individuals from vulnerable social groups, the program will be based on education for active citizenship and human (primarily women's) rights through cooperation with educational and public institutions such as local and regional self-government.

How do you plan to get there?

Activities for target groups: Training for members of vulnerable groups in advocating for their rights and social inclusion; Supporting vulnerable groups in accessing information on their rights; Independent action, social and policy research on the issue of citizenship and social inclusion; Educational activities that promotes inclusion and equal opportunities; Development of communication strategy; Cultural and media productions and activities that promote social inclusion, equal opportunities and active citizenship; Introduction of social innovations; Networking
Activities for applicants and partners: Creating a strategic plan; Training for good management and achieving transparency; Educations; Cooperation with other organizations; Cross-sectoral cooperation with the public sector.

What are the expected results?

Expected results of the project: Strengthened democratic culture, civic awareness and civic engagement (supported education for civil and human rights; Systematically provided support to vulnerable groups and their empowerment); Increased sustainability of civil society (supported partnerships between applicants and partner organisations; Increased accessibility of applicants and partners to citizens and local communities); Awareness of personal resources of all participants; Developed new personal skills; Strengthened self-confidence and proactivity; Developed organizational culture and novelties in work techniques; Improved administrative and financial skills; Established teamwork; Improved organization's activities; Time management and empowered public action in the community.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Activities on the project are going to network target groups and their representatives with each other and with other stakeholders. Target groups will participate in training and support on advocating for their rights and their social inclusion, they will have access to information on their rights and related issues, they will participate in educational activities that will promote their inclusion, equal opportunities and implementation in active citizenship. This should eventually lead to a higher level of social cohesion and deprived/neglected individuals in the society of the target (rural) areas, motivating them to partake in active citizenship and a general democracy strengthening.

Why is this idea important to you?

As part of our regular activities, we are highly involved in rural development and the rural society, which gives us tremendous insight into their daily struggles and obstacles. Oftentimes, they are limited in power, networking or resources in order to create a better environment for themselves, wherefore they need someone to take initiative. Moreover, our partners and know-how exchange in this project would include individuals and communities which would take lead in its realization and further continuance regardless of the project duration. Lastly, we are committed to contributing to the development of deprived areas, often without the support of other institutions, which makes it very difficult but important for us to make a change.

€ 50000,-

Total budget

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Expenses - Amount (in EUR)
Personnel - 20,000
Office - 9,000
Travel and accommodation - 3,000
PR, communication and visibility - 3,000
Training, education, workshops - 15,000
TOTAL - 50,000

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Any critics or comments in general about the project relevance, idea and feasibility are welcome, along with good practice examples or future partner/network suggestions. We believe implementation of this project is crucial for socio-economic, democratic and sustainable development in our region.


Klub članova Selo

Idea created on May 15, 2020
Last edit on Aug. 3, 2020

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