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Who is behind this?

Anna Cristina Burtea

Fundatia Inima de Copil



Idea pitch

It is difficult to change public policies when data describing the situation of disadvantaged children and families are not sufficiently known to the public and when the voices of these people are not sufficiently heard. We aim to create a unique platform at national level in which to collect monthly data from local authorities in the social field, education and health but also from relevant organizations and to make them transparent and easily accessible to the public, organizations, federation

Where will your project idea take place?

We will collect data and information from all the counties.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

At this moment in Romania there is a great need to make more visible, more transparent and more accessible data updated monthly or quarterly from local authorities in each county on social services, education or medical system (eg type of existing social services locally, number beneficiaries, budgets invested with public money, number of children who drop out of school / at risk of dropping out, situation of vaccinations / number of children who should have been vaccinated or situation of certain chronic or poverty-favored diseases). A unique platform with updated data for the general public, profile organizations, federations, those who can influence public policies but also the general public, would bring a great benefit.

Who are you doing it for?

The idea involves both the involvement and collaboration of local public authorities responsible for social, educational, medical in each county and a network of over 10 non-governmental organizations and 40 volunteers nationwide to collaborate to periodically update data on the platform.

The audience of the platform would be very wide. The data will be accessible to the general public nationwide. In addition, these centralized, updated and transparent data can be very useful both in the work of local authorities and organizations, federations in providing useful information for grant applications, to think and propose public policies, to see the areas and regions with the biggest problems or underdevelopment and in what field.

How do you plan to get there?

- building a platform that can reflect the information collected at the level of each county
- establishing a data collection methodology and exactly the data that are relevant to be collected
- selection of collaborating organizations with a relevant geographical division for data collection
- making requests for data to the authorities at the level of each county and establishing the frequency of receiving data
- data entry in the platform
- platform maintenance
- promoting successful initiatives and best practices to make the platform more attractive to the general public and to stimulate involvement in projects at the community level

What are the expected results?

The created platform will provide relevant information and kept up to date at the national level in areas where these data are of maximum interest both for the transparency of public services but also for building public policy initiatives, improving the existing service network.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The data would be collected at the country level and entered into the platform with the help of a network of volunteers and organizations that are in touch with local authorities, to request this data on a monthly basis, using existing legislation on the transparency of public authorities.
The data thus collected and made transparent at the national level can be extremely useful for any public authorities and organizations, federations both for planning their own services and for local/national public policy projects.
In a blog section of the platform could be made the promotion of projects and best practices in the social, educational, medical fields, ie the fields in which Romania has the most need for involvement and change for vulnerable children and families

Why is this idea important to you?

Inima de Copil Foundation is extremely attached to its mission to contribute to increasing the quality of life of children and families in difficulty in Romania. This cannot be done without transparency of public information, recognition of problems and close collaboration to find solutions.
This is also the reason why for many years our projects have had a dimension of collaboration within the federations.

€ 55000,-

Total budget

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

- platform and maintenance - 10.000 euro
- staff expenses - 35.000 euro
- travel and accommodation - 2000 euro
- office costs - 3.000 euro


Fundatia Inima de Copil

Idea created on May 27, 2020

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