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Environment and sustainability

Together for Silesia

We will work and act together for Silesia. We want to be the change for its climate, environment and for the people and their lifestyle.


Who is behind this?

Michał Kruszyński

Fundacja Nowy Głos



Idea pitch

Climate catastrophe will affect us all and we need to discuss it.
With the threat tangible, our discours is emotional and inconclusive and we are still divided. We want to give a platform to express fears, hopes, expectations to all stakeholders in two most crucial regions in Poland. We will organize 18 meetings where they can discuss this issue, but also get deeper knowledge about climate.
We will compile the results and organize 200 workshops for the youth to present what we have learned.

Where will your project idea take place?

Our project will take part in the Upper and Lower Silesia regions in Poland.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Silesia is the most densely populated, urbanized, and industrialized region in Poland, with many people working in heavy industry, like coal mines, steel mills. This region has faced clash between industrialization and ecological actions and awareness. It is also the most polluted region of Poland and one of the most polluted in Europe.
We diagnose three problems: lack of platform to speak up and communicate, low level of ecological awareness and therefore inability to have a constructive discussion about climate change and just transformation.
We need to act now, but we are stuck in a dispute between key groups that will be affected by climate change. We need to know the needs of the people in order to take care of them and we need to get to know our problems and fears as a community.

Who are you doing it for?

Climate change will influence everyone in described areas. We enable different groups of interests to participate together in one project by giving them a chance to tackle the solutions and to discuss changes in the local environment. The participants are representatives of different social classes and age groups. In the project there will be inviting coal miners, university students, high school students, science experts, local authorities, farmers, entrepreneurs, local movements and environmental associations. They will be given a chance to express their major arguments and to confront them with others. The project will be their platform meeting not only to listen and discuss,but also to actively participate and contributing to local community, giving the people a real incentive to act.

How do you plan to get there?

Phase I - We’ll organize 16 meetings in separate groups of stakeholders like university students, high school students, activists, farmers, miners, local politicians, entrepreneurs and teachers. We want to give them a platform to discuss the problem of climate change and their fears, hopes and expectations connected to the topic.
Later on, we'll organize a joint discussion, where every group will be able to present their stand and to start a dialogue with other groups.
Phase II - We'll prepare a scenario for the workshops for high schools, which will contain the summary of all conclusions and we'll make 200 workshops about climate problems in Silesia. The final impact is to raise awareness both about climate change and about risk and possibilities for all regional groups.

What are the expected results?

Our main goal is to create a conclusion that will satisfy every single stakeholder, we want them to feel sure that future solutions will not harm their main points of interest, such as workplaces and climate. We believe that our project will, for the first time in Silesia, create a social agreement and it will stop a long term clash. By doing that, we'll finally be able to pass this protracted dispute and focus on real, long term and impactful solutions, that will improve our region.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

We give a platform for the discussion for vulnerable groups mentioned above in the most vulnerable regions in Poland.. We believe that climate changes will influence those people the most. We let them speak about their feelings and fears concerning the future. We give them tools and incentives to talk about the future of their families and homes. We enable them to meet each other. There are groups of interests who probably will never meet in the common discussion like farmers, students and coal miners. We “fact check” news with the help of climate experts and confront people with local authorities and politicians. We involve local communities, societies and movements. We will create a new platform to exchange ideas and therefore we will enhance democracy and increase social engagement.

Why is this idea important to you?

It is important to us because we believe in three things.
Firstly, we believe that with such a complex and important problem, civic engagement and a social discussion are crucial to have a fair and just transformation.
Secondly, we firmly believe that problems can be solved only if everyone has a platform to communicate their fears, hopes and expectations. We need both empathy and solidarity.
Thirdly, we believe that conclusions made by all stakeholders are important to understand how to transform our world without leaving no one behind
Finally, we love our homeland. Silesian regions are the most fragile and coal dependent. We want to improve the discourse, give the platform and knowledge to our folks and spread that wisdom and awareness to the most important group, the youth.

€ 49380,-

Total budget

€ 49380,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Phase one
9180 euro - moderators, prelegents, catering

Phase two
1000 euro - Publication + workshop scenario
28000 euro - workshop prelegents

4200 euro - coordinators
3500 euro - animators
1750 euro - social media manager
1750 euro accountancy

in total: 49,380 euros

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We would like to receive a feedback via e-mail. We also would like to talk with you personally or maybe could you phone us? That would be great! Feel free if you would like to contact us and share ideas. We want to participate in the network groups and and changing minds with everyone!



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