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Psychedelic with the Classics

Pilot motivation system for turning a psychedelic touch to the classics into a dialogue between different-minded young people - a collective attempt to improve the quality of life in a pandemic.


Who is behind this?

Tatyana Bobeva-Boyko

Association "Ahuri"


Who is joining forces?

Community Center "N.Vaptsarov"


Community Center "Probuda" ("Awakening")




Idea pitch

We identified the problem and found a positive potential in the people affected: cultural pursuits and motivation to improve their lives. We will engage a youth community in a village and a pilot group in Sofia and create a dialogue between them.
BRIDGES to deal with the same problem in 2 different thinking communities: through somatic consumption of classics, communities develop in perspective: change from neglected in isolation to factors limiting negative social phenomena in the community.

Where will your project idea take place?

Sofia: Community center "N. Vaptsarov" and the address of Ahuri; village Kladnitsa: Community center

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

1/For the target group in Sofia - Center for Chromoprophylaxis of Stress
a/very strong stress due to high morbidity of COVID19 (4000 in day), combined with complete lack of access to quality culture resources (people have only home television) and poor knowledge of the Internet socio-cultural space
b/unrealized creative potential
c/cultural-sensory hunger due to isolation
2/For the target group in the village Kladnitsa and in Sofia/Community center "N.Vaptsarov"
a/sources of direct cultural information are closed (compensated by consumption of alcohol)
b/very poor knowledge of the Internet space regarding quality European culture, lack of information
c/unrealized strive for self-realization in times of quarantine and cultural-sensory hunger due to isolation (compensated by hooliga

Who are you doing it for?

In Sofia
a/members of Ahuri: 5 artists in a disadvantaged position in terms of health indications
b/members of the Community center "N.Vaptsarov": 5+extended audience; key figure K. Spasova, Chairman.
In the village:
a/members of the Community center: 15; key figure S. Simeonov, Chairman
b/young people affected by forced isolation (fired when an employer closes as a result of a pandemic) - unlimited.

How do you plan to get there?

1.For the target group in Sofia
-Center for Chromoprophylaxis of Stress
-Workshop for art-realization in person (individually)
-online multiplication
2.For the target group in the village
-Seminar type of meetings (outdoors)
-2 motivational competitions for computer-processed classical works
-online multiplication
ACTIVITIES for implementation of the strategic plan
Activity 1: Center for Chromoprophylaxis of Stress
a/creation, providing information: equipment, provision of resources (650 pages translation of ancient literary monuments; 40 videos)
b/individual chromoprophylaxis: Luscher test, stress prevention
c/online multiplication - on YouTube.
Activity 2: Workshop for approbation of art-methods for work with classics
a/creation, providing information: equipment, provision of resources (consumables)
b/individual work of the beneficiaries - work under the influence of classical art
c/online multiplication - project site-platform.
Activity 3: Seminar type meetings in the village
a/20 meetings, independent work of the beneficiaries
b/2 motivational competitions for computer-processed classics "Beautiful World" (biographies of 190 European classics translated in Bulgarian, about which almost nothing is known in Bulgaria)
c/online multiplication - 60 videos for YouTube are going to be created from the competition works of the beneficiar

What are the expected results?

1.Achieve dialogue and exchange of good practices regarding the potential opportunities to deal with the same problem in two different thinking communities with different circumstances - people from the capital and the village
2.Although people are in isolation, on the basis of emotional-somatic participation in the consumption of European classical art, the maintenance of mental adequacy and increased personal self-esteem is ensured (especially for disadvantaged people)
3.Increasing the knowledge and level of awareness regarding European culture increases the intellectual level of the participants, which is a prerequisite for them to win their rights for so that society can see them as part of a one cultural nation (even though they live in a village or some of them have disabilities).

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Communities develop in perspective - a dialogue is created on a topical issue: the consequences of forced isolation (increased stress symptoms in overwhelming urban conditions; drunkenness in the village). Both communities solve the same problem: how to deal with the devastating effects of isolation and information impoverishment on their own.
Stress-stricken and "intellectually dead" people lose the power to control their lives. With the envisaged in the Project (Tracking hidden psychosomatics with the Luscher test; Somatic handling of classical art; Thematic information searches and competitive motivation) people change from neglected in their isolation into active factors for limiting of negative social phenomena caused by lockdown in their community - a complete systemic.

Why is this idea important to you?

Ahuri has been working with disadvantaged people since 1999. It knows their real needs for self-realization, which now in conditions of isolation have no chance to be satisfied. We work with informal groups. We know the social phenomena that arise or change depending on the objective circumstances.
Project expert Bobeva, master with 4 futher qualifications (social psychology), experience with marginalized environments. The project requires a multifunctional assistant - CASTING after the project's start.
The regions are selected by criteria: identity in the way to solve the problem, but with different givens and thinking.
Motivation: the problem of isolation is common. The project is testing pilot methods that will be implemented in other communities. This coincides with Ahuri's mission.

€ 13900,-

Total budget

€ 13900,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

1/Salaries: one multifunctional assistant for the whole period - € 4418 (31.8%)
2/Travel expenses: 3 persons, 20 meetings - € 409 (3%)
3/Materials, consumables: € 3702 (26.6%)
4/Equipment - € 1544 (11.1%)
5/Expenses for external subcontractors - € 3260 (23.5%)
TOTAL direct activities: € 13333 (96%), Project management: € 563 (4%)
OWN PARTICIPATION in voluntary work of the Project Expert: approximate evaluation € 3100. Not included in the budget!
SUMM: € 13900 (+ voluntary work € 3100)

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

In identifying the problem in the project, we found the positive prerequisites as a potential in the affected people: cultural pursuits, free personal time, motivation to improve their lives. We can offer a video related to stress prevention, we can send it via email to those who are interested.



Idea created on April 11, 2021

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