Who is behind this?

Pavlinka Dyakova




Idea pitch

The project aims to empower citizens and NGOs as equal participants in the management of Kaspichan municipality along with the legally elected governing bodies through civic education, active public and advisory councils, creating an Internet application for public consultations, holding an annual public forum.

Where will your project idea take place?

The project will be implemented in 9 settlements of Kaspichan municipality

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Kaspichan Municipality is a small municipality consisting of 9 settlements with a population of 8142 people. On the territory of the municipality is the first Bulgarian capital from 681 - Pliska. Predominantly aging and poor population, unemployment, lack of established public structures such as public, advisory councils to municipalities and municipalities and neglect of citizen participation in policy making leads to disinterest and dissatisfaction with management decisions. The presentation of the planned policies, the way of their formulation, as well as the making of managerial decisions remain largely incomprehensible by the people and far from their everyday problems.

Who are you doing it for?

The target group are adult citizens from 9 settlements in the municipality of Kaspichan - 8142 people, which means that it has a small public financial resource for creating and improving the living conditions of the people. The lack of knowledge and self-confidence in the representatives of the target group about the legal forms, means and methods for active participation in the decision-making process, as well as the lack of established public structures as legitimate representatives of the inhabitants of the individual settlements lead to a discrepancy. democracy and the actions of those in power. Democracy requires activity and efforts of all participants in the socio-political process to create consensus decisions and policies.

How do you plan to get there?

1.Civic education in the form of training seminars for citizens and NGOS in 9 settlements of the municipality of Kaspichan.2. Creation of a handbook for democratic participation of citizens in the management of Kaspichan municipality by drawing 2000 PCs.For households from populated areas. 3. Building active societal structures as a public councilto the nine maydoms; Advisory councils to the mayor of Kaspichan municipality.4. Conference with the participation of the municipal administration and the established public structures. 5. Building InternetApplication for discussion of ideas, suggestions, polls, polls, initiatives and responsesMunicipal administration. 6. An annual forum where a municipal team and built public bodies discuss thePriorities and funding.

What are the expected results?

1.Trainings in 9 settlements 2. Created and circulated "Handbook for democratic participation of citizens in the management of Kaspichan municipality" to 2000 households in all settlements of the municipality of Kaspichan.3. Created 9 public councils to each town Hall 4. Established Youth Advisory Board, Advisory BoardOf Tourism, Consultative Council on Culture, consultative advisor on Investment Policy 5.Conference with the participation of municipal administration and public and advisory councils 6.Created Internet App 7. Annual Forum 8.Citizens and NGOS are a real, legitimate and undetour factorIn the process of managing the municipality. 9. Established a model for peer management between the legally elected management bodies and the citizens and NGO.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Engaging citizens in policy-making allows the municipality to use new sources of ideas, information and resources to make decisions.At the same time, it requires more effort, commitment, organization and time.It is easier to takedecisions only with the voices of the municipal councilors.This eliminates participation in the democratic process population or sovereign.Civil society in the processes of policy-making in the small villages and the municipality will request aUnequivocally their equal place in democratic processes at local level alongside the legally elected authorities in the municipality

Why is this idea important to you?

Our work among the people of the municipality brought to the fore the main problems, the solution of which we present with this project. People need help and support, knowledge, leadership, organization, representation and activity. We know how, we want and we can be useful to people so that their voice can be heard.

€ 48756,-

Total budget

€ 48756,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Costs for a team of experts -30820 euro
Transport costs - 1280 euro
Print a manual -5726 euro
Rental of halls -1900 euro
Materials -690 euro
Creating an internet application - 1770 euro
Costs for project management team - managers, coordinator and accountant -3200 euro
catering for 9 seminars, conference and forum -3370 euro

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Information is extremely important for the development of democratic processes in small settlements for the implementation of already established good practices in EU countries with proven good cooperation between government and civil society representatives. We will enjoy shared experiences from ot



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