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No limit for Youth Democracy

Democratization of cultural life in rural areas in the Republic of Croatia.More expedient use of democratic tools in the rural area of Croatia for the purpose of improved cultural life of young people


Who is behind this?

Drago Vručinić

Regional Foundation for Local Development Zamah


Who is joining forces?

Association K.V.A.R.K



Idea pitch

Rural areas are facing a challenge: the depopulation of youngsters due to overall dissatisfaction with the quality of life. Absence of cultural life strikes youth seriously. Conservative democratic space prevent their voices to be heard and taken seriously. The aim is to democratize cultural life in rural areas through youth engagement in the culture life using modern democratic approaches and digital technology. Youth will gain power to create and will increase democratic participation.

Where will your project idea take place?

The project will take place in Koprivničko Križevačka County, depopulated and neglected rural area.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

According to “Youth Study Croatia” 2018/ 2019, one-third of Croatian youth express desire to emigrate. Croatia and especially rural areas are facing democratic deficits and youth oftentimes feel disenfranchised. According to the Croatian county development index from 2018, Koprivničko – križevačka county falls in below-average ranked regional self-government units, therefore this region is particularly vulnerable and affected by youth emigration. Youth from rural communities in Koprivničko - križevačka County have very narrow space for participation in the decision-making process, and participation in the process of cultural content creation. Cultural content is most often imposed and guided by stereotypes under the strong political influence of political parties.

Who are you doing it for?

Our target is youth living in small rural places (11) affected with democratic deficits as well as opportunities to be engaged in the creation of cultural activities and programs. From each local community we expect 30 to 50 youth to participate in creation of cultural program and discuss this with relevant stakeholders.In practice, through new democratic tools (youth assemblies, public debates, virtual panels, platform for exchange of ideas) we will provide at least 2000 young people from rural communities with necessary political and social space for communication,debates, decision making and the creation of their own cultural programs. Also, (40) young people will acquire knowledge on the use of various tools and multimedia skills such as creating, editing and publishing.

How do you plan to get there?

Zamah and K.V.A.R.K. will organize public plenums and will facilitate the process of decision-making. Plenums will be the starting point for the creation of a platform for the creation of cultural content in the rural areas (this platform will be exercised through different technological tools such as podcasts, radio shows, live streams etc.)
Series of workshops conducted by the Zamah and K.V.A.R.K that will enable youth to understand and practice democratic procedures
K.V.A.R.K-education in cultural management, music, theater and film production. Youth will get the opportunity for practical application of their knowledge by creating cultural content in their community with the supervision Zamah and K.V.A.R.K. Program will be in the form of Open festival, campaign or cultural programme.

What are the expected results?

-A platform for the democratic participation of the youth has been established. Platform exists in a form of county youth assembly and it will be exercised trough multimedia tools. More than 2000 young people will be introduced with the content of the platform and will strengthen their democratic potential.
-100 young people has strengthen their capacities trough series of educations
-Campaign on 'youth participation in culture creation process' has been implemented and more than 10000 citizens from the rural communities of the County have become aware of dangers of youth exclusion and have become familiar with benefits of modern democratic processes and approaches in the culture creation
-At least 5 new cultural programs have been created by young people in 5 rural communities

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

The epidemic showed us how much modern technology can have an impact in a democracy. Croatian youth want to live in pluralistic society and have opportunities for their voices to be heard in the political arena.In order to truly understand and create the cultural offer that young people need and want we must listen to their opinions and ideas. Youth will have chance to be active in digital assemblies, virtual public panels, streaming radio and video platform.According to the principle of subsidiarity, these tools will enable the voice of all young people in rural communities to be heard, from the bottom to the top. A space will be opened for young people where they can fight for their ideas and cultural content.This approaches will enable everyone to participate in decision making process.

Why is this idea important to you?

One of the main missions of the Zamah foundation is development of rural areas in Croatia. Zamah believes that the key purpose of community development work is to collectively bring social change and justice, by working with communities to: identify their needs, opportunities, rights and responsibilities; Educate target groups, especially youth; Plan, organize and take action; Evaluate the effectiveness and impact of the action. It is important for us to strengthen the capacities of young people in rural areas, if we want to preserve the European values, promote good relations with our neighbors and create new foundations for a stronger Europe.Democratically oriented young people who do not have prejudice and are not xenophobic is a prerequisite for desirable life in rural areas for youth

€ 47226,-

Total budget

€ 37090,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Major expenses:
-Coordination/ personel cost: 18715
-Transportation and maintenenance: 2250
-Workshops for youth and CSO's: 1200
-Technical equipment for digital platform: 7300
-Utilities: 1200
-Open space events: 2100
-Campaign material/ tshirt/ badges/ leaflets:2500
-Campaign and logo design: 500
-Blankets for open space assembly: 1325
Funding requested: 37090

Our contribution:
Office rent and supply: 1900
Personel cost/ 40%: 7486
Communication cost/ Internet: 750
Sum: 10 136

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We are always searching for new ideas in order to improve our work with youth. We are especially interested in different experiences from other countries regarding quality of life of youth in rural communities, their specific problems, levels of democratic participation etc.



Idea created on May 26, 2020
Last edit on May 27, 2020

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