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Social inclusion


Establishment a social network of pro-active people with disabilities. Increasing their civic self-awareness, actions and dialogue with local and regional institutions


Who is behind this?

Velichka Marinova

National association for social cooperation and partnership - NASCP



Idea pitch

We suggest the model "Social Network for Dialogue and Solutions" as an opportunity for more active inclusion and participation in public life and realizing the potential of people with disabilities. We want to change the negative widespread attitute in the society, that people with disabilities are passive careusers.The project fulfilment will develop the potential of people with disabilities by including them into a community center for innovative learning and social activities.

Where will your project idea take place?

The Project will take place at the mountain municipalities of Rodopi Mountain region, South-Central

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

A huge human resource - groups of people with disabilities, self-isolated, without an active role in public life. There is no representation to provide their demands to the municipality. Slow bureaucratic service. The challenge is to establish a social network of active people among them on the territory of these municipalities to raise their civic awareness for effective actions and dialogue with local and regional institutions to assert their rights. As a result, they will be brought out of social isolation, cohesion, self-confidence, increased civic knowledge and effective communication with municipal structures to build supportive policies.

Who are you doing it for?

Disabled people of mixed ethnic origin and religion from remote mountainous areas of the municipalities of Kuklen, Chepelare and Smolyan. To create opportunity and support for active social inclusion of disabled people, premises to express their potential-skills, specific ability to work and initiative despite of ethnic or religious origin. "All for disabled people – from and through disabled".Key target groups: people with different disabilities and preserved opportunity and motivation for social life - communication, cohesion, participation in community life.People with preserved specific working skills and identified social support need integrated through appropriate employment-opening accessible services, supporting independence, dignified home and community life.

How do you plan to get there?

Our key specialists’ll make a survey to study the possibilities and target groups needs described in the Project idea –disabled people living in remote mountainous areas of Kuklen, Chepelare and Smolyan municipalities.This activity will be the start of project .
We aim to get a necessary database for the implementation of the subsequent activities to form groups and develop specific skills of interest, for Volunteer empathy actions and active civil position .The needs assessment allows to plan different activities of groups with identical problems, depending on the degree of self-independence, preserved communication, awareness, self-esteem and motivation for active behavior. The main purpose of the study is to identify typical problems and plan specific types of support.Example: We have a problem - no supportive environment. So, support through information and mediation will be appropriate for the person, and if he can’t move, transportation is planned.It’s a voluntary study with aim to establish a motivation to participate in project activities and readiness to go out of home comfort and the label "disabled”Our aim is a researching analysis knowing each person, his life, profession and health and make a plan to FORM FOCUS GROUPS FOR MEETINGS WITH LOCAL AUTHORITIES, MOTIVATION AND TRAINING IN SOCIAL SKILLS to show that disabled people have their potential and opportunities

What are the expected results?

High motivated, active, with civil society knowledge, mechanism for local policies decision making, approved projects for disabled.Engaged local authority, inclusion of disabled at decision taking process and realization, innovative services, social enterprises.NGOs, media and institutions social net as a catalyst for activating disabled people, eliminating their passive role of "using services and benefits"Higher self-esteem, good health, new professional skills and realization.Pledged number of trainings, meetings, consultations.The sustainability is in promoting and dissemination of experience in the future, an expansion of the scope in other similar municipalities, through an active and trained lobbying network, personally grown participants with clear goals for self-development

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Environment change: wider social net, long-term work- opportunities promotion, mediation, cooperation with NGOs and social institutions.New institutions attitude, new look and assessment of the capacity of disabled, new integration problems solutions concerning specific possibilities.Change of social environment-significant in long run. The applied innovative approaches according to the training opportunities of disabled can be applied and shared as good practice with long-term effect through new projects and services.An effect on target groups - new skills, higher adaptability, opportunities for realization, social positions restoration.

Why is this idea important to you?

Experts, knowing the community and region. Each one with appropriate experience could be included.The participants should trust the team. It’s done with experienced work with target group, knowledge of their needs; work in projects for personal and social support and high professionalism..Project Manager ,Psychologist experienced in developing and analyzing social studies, surveying, needs assessment; motivating disabled people, unemployed, marginalized groups,Training organization - civic education, experienced in social-educational projects for disabled, contacts with employers' organizations and business,We aim to be useful, to support the strength of the disabled for complete dignified personal, professional and social realization and worthy participation in social life.

€ 20500,-

Total budget

€ 20500,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

(travel expenses-1500), (night expenses, (living expenses-1200) (hall rental expenses-500), (surveys-800); expert fees (euro/ per hour)10 ./1-13 000;(communication with the media),(press conferences,interviews-500), (materials and consumatives-2000,office expenses-1000

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

The network will allow greater access to information, exchange of ideas and joint initiatives, shared holidays, life and social experience.



Idea created on April 26, 2021

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