Social inclusion

Healing dialogue - Mediation for families

Better opportunity to solve demanding situation in families with undestanding, respect and compentce. Parents know their childrens needs better than public authorities.


Who is behind this?

Jan Valoušek

Pro děti bezpečně, z.s.

Czech Republic


Idea pitch

In pandemic situation many families suffer from unhealthy communication, some of them collapse a partners split up. Mediation can help parents to make the best agreement for their children, they know their needs wishes. Public authorities can suggest parents to take mediation, but officers don´t have experience with mediation a they are not able to explain advantages. On the other hand mediators are not able to give this service immediately or by the user friendly way to clients.

Where will your project idea take place?

Czech republic, Moravia-Silesia region, South Moravia region

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Both regions face relevant difficulties in this time. All families face pressure during pandemic, some many of them have communication hardiness and some of them break down. For those who are in troubles we want to give a specific tool to help them make a good agreement during divorce. Further more Moravia-Silesia region is supposed as a socia
Most people don´t know about mediation and they need to be sugested to take a sociial dessert with lack of social competence. Resulsts will be compared with South Moravia region. Unfortunatelly many of child-care officers know little about mediation and they are not able to give relevant information to clients. We want child care officers to win new information on mediation in order to give them to clients.

Who are you doing it for?

We have two target groups, one of them are the child-care officers in mentioned regions. It is about 200 people in 48 local authorities. We want to give them relevant information and basic experience with mediation in 8 days of this education, it means 96 of officers will take part.
Other target group are people facing their family difficulties or divorce. We want to give 400 hours of mediation for free to pilot this project and to support low-income families.
On-line and off-line participation will be possible.
Further more we will create a video tutorials for officers and public. It will be distrubuted via social media.

How do you plan to get there?

We want to create:
- 15 minute video presentation for child-care officers to invite them to seminar (month 1)
- 1 day (8 hours) seminar/webinar to give basic information to tip clients to mediation (month 2-9)
- leaflet/onepager for officers (month 1-2)

- social media campaingn Better communication in families (month 1-2)
- 25 minute video presentation for clients (month 1-3)
- leaflet/onepager for clients (month 2-3)
- Mediation client free hour - piloting (month 3-12)

What are the expected results?

- Child-care officers have experience with mediation and can give relevant information to clients (leaflet or video)
- Clinet have knowledge on mediation as a way of non-violent communication
- Clients have obtianed 400 hours of mediation in order to solve their difficult family situation
- We have relevant educational course to roll out to other relevant target group members

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

This project will influence child-care officers to support their clients to be responsible for their life, to give chance to have and agreement about children. And also influence parents in difficult family situations to have an agreement on child care with their partner or ex-partner.
We suppose that strengthened communications skills can support families and a local community too.

Why is this idea important to you?

We are profesionals with longer experience in this area:
Jan Valoušek, mediator, lawyer, educator, experienced in civil society activities since 2000, speaks english and german
Jana Havigerova, mediator, lawyer, educator, social worker, experienced in civil society activities since 2005, speaks english and german
Lucie Škařupová, mediator, facilitator, educator, social worker, experienced in civil society
activities since 2010, speaks english and french
We have worked with families in difficilt situations a have experienced, that mediation can effectively help to go through difficult times. During last year we see that communication goes wrong and this view is supported by child-care workers. So we seek new paths to help families.

€ 65000,-

Total budget

€ 33600,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

1. Personnel - project team - part time job for 12 months - 9000
2. Seminars - 8 days - 4800
3. Mediatios - 400 hours á 30EUR- 12000
4. Videos - 2500
5. Print - leaflets, manual - 1500
6. Equipment - 1500
7. Social media campaign - 1500
8. Consummatives - 800,00

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We don't to feel we are able to give some advice this moment. We appreciate opportunity to support civil society (families, individuals, public bodies) by better communication.


Idea created on April 24, 2021
Last edit on April 24, 2021

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