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Raising awareness of the need for self-identification, group identification, group power, advocacy and active citizenship among local youth through the learning and development of campaig techniques


Who is behind this?

Anett Varga




Who is joining forces?

Ju és Zsu Társulat



Ráckevei Ady Endre Gimnázium (RADYG)





Idea pitch

How do we want others to understand us if we don't know who we are?How do we want to be united if we don't know each other? How do we want change if we don't know what we would change? How do we demand a better world if we just wait indifferently?
The objective of the project is to connect young people (15-25), reduce indifference and inertia through self-awareness workshops, team building and campaigning skills; forming a strong, self-aware youth base that knows what it wants and how to get it

Where will your project idea take place?

Dömsöd, Ráckeve, Kiskunlacháza, Szigetcsép, Szigetújfalu, Tököl (Central-Hungarian Region)

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

There is no communication, no cooperation between decision-makers and citizens, even the civic class itself is made up of isolated groups. Many generations grew up in the atmosphere of envy, inertia and inactivity.
The village has no youth policy, there is no relevant message or space for youth above 14, after leaving the primary school. Next to their socialized customs, young people are tired of the constant facebook dialogues that lead nowhere and cause nothing, and the topics they are not intererested in. They don't feel it is worthy to be active here, they are not motivated to take control of their own life, they prefer to leave the village or, like adults, they shut themselves away and sink into indifference. Most of them don't even know themselves, not even their generational power.

Who are you doing it for?

-MOSTart youth group, 1st gen. A close-knit team, they have worked together for 7 years, the youngest is 19, the oldest is 31 now. Key p: Nagy Sebastián (NGO member, artist)
-MOSTart youth group, 2nd gen. They have just started the work, aged 14-18, with a direct link to the high school society. Key p: Ábel Baranya, student
-Members of the Ju and Zsu troupe, active young people aged 14-30 with an interest in stage singing. Key p: Csikós Juli youth leader

Youngsters aged 18-25 from the surroundings. We will reach them through core team actions. Key p: Andrea Szabó teacher, organiser of "Democratic Days" in RADYG.

More young people interested in joining the work /local and wider communities

How do you plan to get there?

25 young persons from Dömsöd. They'll have weekly meetings, and they'll be trained on the following workshops:
-Human rights
-Youth policy
-Campaign techniques I / II:
Problem defining /Mapping, scoping, researching / Budget / Time- and team management / Messages / Actions / Media and PR / Follow up

The trained core team
1) launches an information campaign aiming to expand the youth network in the micro-region
2) organises 3 multiplier events within the campaign
3) establishing the micro-regional youth club with at least 50 young people
4) organises weekly meetings for knowledge transfer, club management and team spirit
5) transfers the learnt knowledge on pilot workshops and peer learning (support: recorded videos and webinars)
6) setting up the mission, structure and working programme of the club

The youth club plans and launches their first independent campaign initiative alongside a common social topic. The campaign should contains 3 multiplier events with invited guests, and open debates with local municipalities.

All phases are followed by precise project management. After finishing the 3rd phase, we dedicate 2 more months for evaluation and dissemination.

What are the expected results?

- Increased social capital among young people, their empowerment to participate actively in the democratic process. Opportunity of building networks, developing a sense of active citizenship.
- Supported social context where teamwork and effective cooperation can be experienced.
- Supported youth in the acquisition of learning outcomes to enhance their involvement as considerate and active citizens, and to have concrete methods of expressing their opinion in a relevant and effective way.
- Gained knowledge on specific campaign tools such as proper problem defining, gap analysis, targeting and positioning, power and stakeholder analysis, messaging, proper media and PR work, budgeting etc.
- Field work of gained knowledge: launching campaigns involving local community, municipalities

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Not just youth, but all local and wider community members benefit strengthened active citizenship skills by

-Identification of methods to motivate youngsters. Promoted and developed youth work issues, in relation with citizens’ participation.
-Gained information of youth’s feelings, fears, expectations, ideas, suggestions regarding their present situation and future perspectives.
-Identification of methods and tools to design and launch social campaigns. Campaign techniques, fund raising and cooperation examples for NGOs / educational institutes / authorities.
-Improved awareness on social problems
-Learning to manage and maintain communication and cooperation. Learning the ability of working in strong relationships with other citizens. Knowledge of the concept of active citizenship

Why is this idea important to you?

MOSTart has been working on youth projects for 16 years, involving local young persons in EU partnerships. It's implemented around 30 own projects (LLP, YiA, E+ etc). The main youth work is embedded in the local civil society. It's the 2nd young generation which grows up under our work. Next to thematic projects, the NGO promotes regular youth actions also (eg. free art sessions).
The coordination relies on Anett Varga, facilitator of the youth group in Dömsöd, who is also a teacher in the local art school. Having lived here since birth, she has a comprehensive knowledge of the civic landscape. She leads a private learning group nowdays.
MOSTart, however, has a professional youth working group consisting of experts, facilitators, ICT management, and an administrative and financial unit.

€ 25600,-

Total budget

€ 22500,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

6 core team trainings, 20 days: 5000 €
2 campaigns with 6 multiplier events: 7200 €
Weekly team meetings, catering + room renting for 24 months: 1500 €
Pilot workshops, volunteer fees for 24 months: 1800 €
Mentoring and facilitation support, 2 persons x 24 months x 50: 2500 €
Dissemination and PR (for the project AND the campaigns): 2500 €
ICT works (webinar editing etc.): 1000 €
Office expenses: 1000 €

Own contribution: room renting, multiplier events, ICT, office expenses: 3100 €

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

It would be interesting to gather preliminary ideas on who thinks what could be a campaign issue that would bring together people with different (political) views, not create new tensions, but provide a meaningful and important dialogue.





Idea created on April 25, 2021
Last edit on April 25, 2021

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