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InArt – Inclusive Art

Social inclusion of young people with disabilities through performative arts and folk traditions


Who is behind this?

Pierpaolo Albano

World Net - Federazione internazionale per gli scambi socio-culturali giovanili


Who is joining forces?

“AIAS Il fiore” Association - Folk group “Il Fiore” (AIAS is the Italian Association Spastics Assistance)


Social Cooperative “Don Uva” -Family House “Ophelia” - Coral Group “Ophelia”


“Hello Mondo” Association- Folk Group “Li Muscatasce”


We also have 6 global and national cultural organizations we would like to partner up for dissemination activities (in some Pierpaolo is also member of the Board)


Idea pitch

We foster social integration of young people with disabilities in cultural organisations and through performative arts. We founded world's first folk group composed entirely by disabled youth. We organise 2 Folk Festivals in our town were we invite groups from all continents to perform with our local folk groups. We would like to strengthen our activities at a local level and our advocacy activities, by producing an handbook to promote our model in cultural organisations around the world.

Where will your project idea take place?

Potenza, Basilicata, Southern Italy
Pignola (PZ), Basilicata, Southern Italy

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Basilicata region has a population around 6 mln people and an avg salary per capita of 10.475 € (as of 2016, source:, making it one of the poorest regions in Italy and Europe. It counts 131 municipalities (about 90% with a population below 3.000). There is a high rate of school dropping, about 35% of the population is inactive and there is a shortage of welfare, especially for people with disability, which are often secluded and isolated from society.

We aim at enhance integration of young people with disabilities by involving them in cultural activities and performative arts.

Who are you doing it for?

Our main target are young people with disabilities and their families. In Italy there are about 3.100.000 people affected by different kind of physical and mental disabilities (5.2% of the overall population); about 20% of this population is under 30. According to recent study conducted by ISTAT (, tackling quality of life and inclusion of people with disabilities, there are over 600.000 people affected by disability which are currently living in a total state of social isolation; in general, most of them are excluded by mobility, cultural life, sport and leisure, education and workplaces (resulting in 80% of the overall population totally inactive). This issue is also overlooked in Europe, where there are few data available.

How do you plan to get there?

Our approach considers cultural associations as actors able to promote social inclusion of disabled people in local communities through art performances and sharing of rooted traditions. We need to scale up our current activities by:
1 Strengthening our local actions, scaling up the time of educational activities in our partner organisations. Our pupils are trained to be valuable members of different folk bands in the region and to perform on stage. We would like to present them to community in 2 local Folks Festivals and in the World Music Festival in Calella (Spain);
2. Production of the handbook including our best practice and methodology to effectively integrate disabled people;
3. Dissemination of the handbook via online campaigns and in 5 Conferences(2 global and 3 national) .

What are the expected results?

By strengthening our local activities we will be able to increase activity time for our local pupils with qualified teachers by 448 hours over 7 months. They will also perform in 2 local festivals, as well as attending a world class festival in Barcelona in a group of 40 (28 disabled youth and 12 among medical staff, educators and family members). This will increase their autonomy and their self-expression skills. Pierpaolo and a team member will also attend 2 global and 3 national conferences with cultural organizations to disseminate the project, reaching a public of over 5000 operators directly. With our methodology, they will be able to communicate and engage better with disabled people, effectively including them in their current trainings and performances.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

Including disabled people in the social fabric and turn them into active citizens doesn’t always mean put them in a workplace. Cultural and leisure life offers plenty occasions for sociability and therefore, integration. In small towns, social aggregation revolves around traditional folk groups, stage performances and coral groups. These activities have a deeply rooted tradition and this cultural identity lives by citizen’s passion and volunteer commitment. According to our experience, there are serious barriers among cultural organizations on how to include and relate to the disabled. We aim at shifting the culture by teaching these organisations on how effectively integrate the disabled youth into cultural activities, to promote a more inclusive cultural scene in our country and region.

Why is this idea important to you?

Pierpaolo lives and breathes performative arts since his childhood. Thanks to this, he traveled around the world and had the chance to live an healthy, sociable childhood and youth. By chance, he got to know the world of disability and decided he wanted to give something back through his expertise and passions, by giving his time, his finances and his connections. He’s the founder of World Net, acting as a catalyst of other talented people to form World Net’s team and volunteer group over the years, mostly financing its activities with his private funds, instead of relying solely on projects and public funding. We love what we’re doing and we think it’s time to evolve one step further to exit local dimension and share our experience to the benefit of others.

€ 69580,-

Total budget

€ 50000,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

4 qualified teachers for local groups for 7 months: 17.600€

2 local festivals organization costs: 15.000 €

40 people from local groups attending to World Music Festival in Spain: 23.440 €

Dissemination activities in presence in 5 global/national conferences: 8.300€

Online dissemination: 4.000€

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

We would be interested in partners reaching out to help us develop our handbook by sharing their knowledge and experience. Also, we are open and gladly welcome any constructive feedback on how to improve our project!


World Net

Idea created on May 26, 2020
Last edit on May 26, 2020

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