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Advertisement – collective consciousness = 1-0. What happens when a city becomes poetry?


Who is behind this?

Alexandra Tiligadi

Urban Commons



Idea pitch

The question is how poetry and the poetic of a place contributes to the production of “symbolic place” on the scale of the whole city while designing a single but exposed place?
By repurposing advertising and underused public space, we aim to find contemporary ways of insert the poetry into everyday life. The reposition of people at city’s level and the way the poetry gives shape to those, devoting special attention to places that people meet and live.

Where will your project idea take place?

The project will be located in small neighborhood in Patras in the entrance of the city.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

During the economic crisis in Greece, Patras was one of the cities that face dramatically the consequences. As a pre-commercial hub, Patras strangle to find the present place identity through people that have left, stay and return time to time. This project promotes the all-together configuration along with narration of the space’s history as well as setting a start for the re-establishment of the city’s identity from city-passage to city-landmark from, for and with people.

Who are you doing it for?

To tell the story of a city, you will need the help of its own people.
The lockdown due to coronavirus, the unemployment and the level of depression in the third age, the absent of vivid content for the students are the main problems in Patras.

We will focus to empower 3 groups of people by create a common community that aimed to inspire people by a poetic route.
1.Unemployed local artists (poets, visual artists, storytellers) of the age 25-35
2.Third generation people that are alone with interest to participate and share knowledge of the age 65-75
3.Students of the age 18-25 that have passion about art-writing

Creative writing and exploring workshop will be held, physically and online, involving at least an estimate of 400 people.

How do you plan to get there?

This initiative will be organized as a poetry urban game in consecutives phase.
Phase 0 | release the game
Leaved hints and create performances in public spaces: interactive respond of passersby
Phase 1 | log-in
Outdoor Living room open discussions mobilizing citizens to actively participate
Phase 2 | collect
Interactive performaces that people could participate and share poetic notes.
Phase 3 | co-create | narrate
Collective Poetry workshops: Transform people stories into collective intangible place (storytelling, creative writing, team-bonding structure)
Phase 4 | inhabit - evaluate
We will use design thinking and participation methods as our toolkid to explore this interactive respond of passersby and participants

What are the expected results?

• Short-term
-People following cultural events
-More people who actively want to connect with poetry, place-history, architecture, placemaking
-New partnerships-projects on participatory planning practice

• Long-term
-Contribution of the project to social, economic for communities and institutions
-Legal framework for placemaking practice
-Establish participatory urban planning more sustainably in Greece/Greek participatory-planning network for professional exchange

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

In ancient times we reading about rhetoric, ancient agora and democracy in public spaces.
Nowardays, the lack of human presence in public spaces is due to the lack of specific activities, facilities as well as planting system. Long story short, the public spaces are gradually and constantly underestimated into a vast with inhuman scale, proportions and textures. This project aims to advocate and create oportinities for people their emotions in urban life. Depending on the context, these messages vary from the expression of ‘exceptionality’ through artistic elaboration to the ‘place for all’, featuring symbols of heterogeneity and social integration. This could transform the people from "flaner" into active citizens that care and be inspired from moment in their city.

Why is this idea important to you?

i find poetry during a hard time in my life. As a wander, i explore many hidden messages around the words and find that people intent to look for someting new in everyday routine, something to look forward to. I am an Architect, a poet, a collagistas, a sister, a daughter, a Landspace designer but i before all that i am a creative weirdo who want to offer to her hometown something to wake up.

€ 44,-

Total budget

€ 40,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Services (eg fees for artists, experts etc) 8.000€
Space rent (cost for premises) 2.500€
Travel & accommodations costs 3.500€
Publicity 1.000€
Equipment rent 4.000€
Productions costs (office supplies, postage etc) 25.000€




Idea created on April 20, 2020
Last edit on April 26, 2020

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