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Enhancing civic engagement trough community building, volunteering and skills development.


Who is behind this?

Costin Stefan Ignat

Societatea Viziunea



Idea pitch

We're in a small city in Romania (Bucovina) with 20.000 people where the cultural life went out totally due to lack of infrastructure, funding and public demand.

Our objective is to mobilize 20 participants (15 - 25 years old) during 45 summer days into training their competencies and supporting them into planning and implementing their own civic projects to save the culture.

Impact during the 45 days will be 10.000 people (Events, Advocacy, Promotion...)

Where will your project idea take place?

Câmpulung Moldovenesc (SV), Romania & surrounding rural areas.

What is the specific societal challenge faced by this region?

Total lack of transparency and participation of the public administration, favoritism and personal interests.

The cultural house was closed in 2012 and the last public library in 2018.
The is no place for culture, at all. Neither to train skills neither to expose something to the community. None.

The first time local civil society mobilized was against the wasting field on the top of a mountain (Mestecăniș). Project now in the 4th trial on role, due to falsification of the studies & influence peddling.

We need to build up cohesion within the community with different projects made by motivated local young people who do believe a better future is possible and whom are not afraid to challenge the status quo in order to protect what is left.

Who are you doing it for?

We're doing it for us because as cultural actors we have no place to express ourselves.
We're doing it for our friends's parents whom where working in the public library before it went closed. Her father went to to work abroad while her mother rented small place and opened a one-room private library (last barricade of culture in town).
We're doing it for youngsters whom always complain about the fact that ''there is nothing to do here''.
We're doing it for active people whom are volunteering under different NGO's in the area helping poor people, organizing small events, film festivals.

We're doing it for the people whom need inspiration and motivation. Who need to believe that change is possible, needed and feasible; they are the change-makers of tomorrow.

How do you plan to get there?

- Submit questionnaires in order to find needs, aspirations and future perspectives of youth in the area;
- Initiate the project by gathering experts and plan in detail the activities and processes that will take place, as well as resource management;
- Create a project brand identity and find creative ways to enforce it in the local area;
- Create website & promotional materials;
- Recruit 20 participants;
- Give them weekly tasks (Watch a film, TedX, Write a poetry, find solution to cert. issues);
- Deliver the training sessions;
- Support the implementation of their own projects;
- Create with them a long term vision for the city's cultural life;
- Evaluate the program from 3 perspectives: Implementation Team, Project Participants and Outsiders;
- Report & Make Waves.

What are the expected results?

20 youngsters got amazing new skills that helped them to implement great projects which the community really appreciated.

More than 1.000 people participated at our events and more than 10.000 people got in touch with our initiatives. They now know change is possible and they have allies.

2 of our participants initiatives are continued by the civil society.

A new cultural space is opened.

As an optional activity after the project, we'll grant for the participants a training of trainers session so they will further share efficiently the knowledge they got from this experience.

The local community is now empowered by youth example that change is possible and together they achieve great things. Further projects on different topics will be planned and implemented.

How does your idea strengthen active citizenship at a local and community level?

We already implemented 2 projects in the city:
- We built up 15 trash cans with only community resources. (+40 participants)
- We use our actors and musicians to bring community together and make them think upon real issues. (+50 participants)

Our main challenge is to connect public institutions with the civil society into finding long term solutions for the facing issues, but this may have a low to medium rate of success. Our main asset is the civil society whom, inspired to go along together, will overcome all the obstacles.

Young people this time will decide not to leave! They will close the inter generational gap by engaging relatives, friends and teachers in their projects while using creativity, optimism and public support to fight for their causes together!

Why is this idea important to you?

- We all participated in many different projects that trained our skills, raised our awareness, our knowledge and empowered us to be future change makers. We do feel it's a duty now, to get the best from our experiences and share them further, in an innovative manner, with the next generations.
- As there are plenty of issues to solve, there are at least as many opportunities.
- Youngsters need inspiration and competence to become proactive towards their dreams.
- Culture at core of societies.

Our NGO encourages, inspires and supports young people to get involved, create and implement relevant cultural projects for the society. Our focus is the cultural heritage, material and immaterial (Education, Traditions, Heritage buildings, Natural Environments, Arts, Public Administration)

€ 29242,-

Total budget

€ 27242,-

Funding requested from Civic Europe

Major expenses

Participants budget for projects - 10.000 EUR
Human Resources - 8.500
Travel & Accomodation & Meals - 4.200
Planning funds - 2000
Office expenses - 1542
Marketing - 1500
Contingency reserve - 1000
Conference room - 500

What do you need from the Civic Europe community?

Do you have/know any great topics/activities/challenges you think civic leaders may benefit from learning/seeing/doing?
Would you be willing to share with us some of your knowledge?

Kindly let us a feedback in order to improve our application!

Looking forward to learn from you,



Idea created on April 21, 2020
Last edit on April 23, 2020

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