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These are the winning ideas of 2021.

Community development

Taking the fear out of local politics

Engaged citizens who want to serve their communities as local representatives often know little about how local government works. They want to use their vision and goodwill in local office but they a…
Community development | Social inclusion

BEJVÁK - a place to meet UP

We want to provide an open inspirational space for all the social group. Together we will develop this place for lectures / exhibitions / regular themed cinemas etc. There is no space yet for meeting…
Community development | Education and research

Dragonfly Council

We are aiming to improve the communication in the schools in our town, both internal (between teachers and pupils) and external (between teachers and parents). We are developing an unique practice of…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Together against drought

We created “Living landscape”, a tool for citizens to initiate participatory projects of complex water retention and climate adaptation in rural areas. By teaching people how to map and design change…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment


The vocabulary definition of a mission is: Noun - an important assignment given to a group of people, typically involving travel abroad. Therefore this is our assignment for local youngsters: Find ou…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

House Libuše, Island of Positive deviation

Libuše is an empty house in the middle of the biggest socially excluded locality in the CR. We want to use it for inhabitants of Janov district to enhance and foster relationships among neighbours fr…
Community development | Social inclusion

Gender transparent comunication

Man and woman are unable to share and reflect them relationships stereotypes because they miss facilitated space and inner competences to speak about vulnerable issues, like parenthood care, politica…
Community development | (Social) Entrepreneurship


Our project tackles the problem of low resilience and insufficient civic engagement of people living in areas with low civic cohesion in former Sudetenland. Our vision is to find, connect and support…
Community development | Education and research

Academy of Civic education

Citizens from small municipalities feel distrust in politics and lose motivation to be active. Politicians at the local level are not professionals, working usually part-time and fearing own mistakes…

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