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Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Academy of ecological changes

Our project is aimed at involving young people from the region in creating local ecological initiatives together with their local community and acquiring knowledge in the field of participation and c…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

"Active community"

Active Residents which aims to support local communities in asserting their right to live in a clean environment, with access to healthy water,without the risk of loss of value of their property as a…
Education and research | Social inclusion

All Equal Under the Sun

Roma people in the village of Napkor can only break the cycle of poverty through getting a quality education for their kids. It is crucial for them to learn to get their voice heard. Our objectives a…
Community development | Social inclusion


Create a new beating heart of sociality, indispensable for restoring the fabric of Camerino’s civic and social life Construction of two buildings, 150sqm each, which aims to create meeting spaces fo…
Arts and cultural activities

Artooza festival

Artooza festival takes your art on a higher ooza.
Social inclusion


Due to social stigma, autistic children are deprived of inclusive social environments. Families frequently feel isolated. Our innovative project aims to create a sensory play community center where f…
Community development | Social inclusion

BeFogadó - InnClusive

There's a gap between disabled people and able bodied: that they don't know each other! Our community space gives both sides an opportunity to solve this problem. Imagine not only a pleasant physical…
Community development

Be responsible - castrate. Save a life!

The need to end the abandonment of animals / dogs in order to reduce their population on the street, to educate the local population about castration, to achieve a dialogue with local authorities, ot…

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