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Social inclusion


PEACEBUILDERS is a hands-on peacebuilding program, where multicultural, cross-generational and gender-inclusive local and refugee children, unaccompanied minors and youth, co-create actions, policies…
Environment and sustainability

Islands of Hope

Small islands are renowned sources of natural richness and cultural diversity. Yet their fate is often decided in urban political centres, while community voices, untrained in structured dialogue, ar…
Community development

Sicilian Democracy Funds: let’s spend the unspent!

From 2016, according to a regional law, every year Sicilian municipalities must implement participatory democracy projects. Available resources are about 5 millions euro per year. About half is unspe…

Pre-election Civic Lobbying Accelerator

Peripheral regions exhibit the lowest voter turn-out (40 % in Karlovarský and Ústecký in 2017 general election). Citizens there often distrust parliamentary democracy and feel overlooked by politicia…

Quarteira Decides

3 neighbourhoods characterized by ethnic diversity, stigmatization, social conflicts, political polarization and distance from centres of power, will decide and implement the projects they consider m…
Environment and sustainability | Community development

Local Food 4 Local Economy

Tired of watching the global food supply chains dictate what to eat and aware of the huge impact that food and transportation have on Portugal's ecological footprint, a non governmental organization …
Social inclusion

Roma Voice 2021

We aim to make sure Roma voices are heard in the upcoming parliamentary election in 2021. The initiative will strive to ensure political committment towards the Roma community on behalf of people fro…
Social inclusion | Community development

A different Bag

Tension, discrimination, intolerance. These words describe the relationship between a Roma settlement and the non-Roma neighborhood in an average Hungarian village. But Bag is different: Bag wants t…

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