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Community development | Social inclusion

Sport against extremism

The objective of “Sport against extremism” project is to stimulate the active participation of young animators and young people, in the context of intercultural dialogue, to present the sport as an e…
Social inclusion

Engage a discussion on part-time jobs for mothers

Only 2% of jobs in Bulgaria are part-time compared to the EU average 30% as per Eurostat. We want to engage in discussion mothers, employers and governmental entities on the reasons behind the number…
Community development | Social inclusion

Will you be my buddy?

Through peer-to-peer and multigenerational learning, we will establish new connections between local immigrant students, their families and their community. Our project will offer participants from d…
Education and research | Social inclusion

Our kids are our future

Children have right to learn what's right, what's wrong, which are good and which are bad secrets, how they can protect themselves and prevent sexual abuse, they have the right to learn how and who c…
Health | Social inclusion


In these difficult times, especially now during COVID-19 pandemic, people need company and someone to talk to or someone to listen to them. Loneliness and social isolation are serious public health r…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Data Meditation

Data as a generative process. Data used to experience the life of the other. Born during the COVID pandemics, Data Meditation is a technologic neo-ritual with strong social and psychological impacts…
Human rights | Social inclusion

Do not allow sexual abuse within the Church

The current state of the Church allows the abuse of power, which can result in sexual abuse - a deep wound to one’s dignity and life force, that which the Church is morally sworn to protect. It’s tim…
Human rights | Social inclusion


The challenge of the project is to show a right path to families of Albanian origin who stay in their circles, distanced from social life, and to include them in non-governmental organizations and in…

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