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Community development | Education and research

Mediation in the School - the Power of Dialog

Our ideas and goals for the project participants are to use mediation methods in the school with their classmates, teachers, parents, and friends. Conflicts at school can cause bullying. Through the …
Education and research | Social inclusion

Our kids are our future

Children have right to learn what's right, what's wrong, which are good and which are bad secrets, how they can protect themselves and prevent sexual abuse, they have the right to learn how and who c…
Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment

Little Buda Project - InFarm

The Little Buda project wants to creat a pedagogical farm where kids can come and learn about taking care of nature, taking care of humans and how to apply a fair share in this world. Here we going t…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Secret Heroes

Without infrastructure. Segregated. More than half of the population are children. But in 2020 a Safe Start Children's Home was built in the aerea, and our company The Simorág DanCircus visited it …
Education and research | Social inclusion

All Equal Under the Sun

Roma people in the village of Napkor can only break the cycle of poverty through getting a quality education for their kids. It is crucial for them to learn to get their voice heard. Our objectives a…
Community development | Education and research

Talking (through) street names

In localities with changing population street names lose their role as anchors and references of local and social identity. We want to make them talk to people again and use this process for conveyin…
Education and research | Human rights

Together for each other

It is never too late to learn. In order for the socially and existentially deprived population to be able to make decisions, have a say in their own lives, and sustain themselves in the long run, it …
Education and research

Teaching Teachers to Teach Citizens

Tolerance, respect for others, defence of democratic values are notions that we gain at home. If we don´t, we can still learn them at school. But it´s much more difficult. It´s why we need the best t…

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