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Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Kino Guarimba

Kino Guarimba is a film residency addressed to young filmmakers from all over the world who will come to our small town to shoot original short films in collaboration with the local community. At lea…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Data Meditation

Data as a generative process. Data used to experience the life of the other. Born during the COVID pandemics, Data Meditation is a technologic neo-ritual with strong social and psychological impacts…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Secret Heroes

Without infrastructure. Segregated. More than half of the population are children. But in 2020 a Safe Start Children's Home was built in the aerea, and our company The Simorág DanCircus visited it …
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

The Ancient Dukedom of Milan’s Historical Castles

We have castles, canals, ancient farmhouses, beautiful rural landscapes, excellent gastronomy, relevant history and important legacies as the one from Leonardo da Vinci. All of this is quite unseen a…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Conservation and presentation of cultural heritage

The cultural heritage of Sozopol has established it as a world destination. To maintain this level, is necessary to have full understanding between civil society, local government, institutions, loca…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Psychedelic with the Classics

We identified the problem and found a positive potential in the people affected: cultural pursuits and motivation to improve their lives. We will engage a youth community in a village and a pilot gro…
Arts and cultural activities

Artooza festival

Artooza festival takes your art on a higher ooza.
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

STREET “MUSIC” - "Yellow Roze ZONE”

The activities of the project will be coordinated by Zonta Club Sofia and will involve participants who have chosen their stage in various lively places, fitting their art in an unusual and colorful…

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