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Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Guardians of Alte

A capacity building educational project for a group of students of Alte’s Technical School. The framework for the project's curriculum is Permaculture, a design science for building resilient communi…
Education and research | Youth participation and empowerment

Little Buda Project - InFarm

The Little Buda project wants to creat a pedagogical farm where kids can come and learn about taking care of nature, taking care of humans and how to apply a fair share in this world. Here we going t…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Working together,we can transform our Marvila

The neighborhood of Chelas is one of the most multicultural areas of Lisbon. Although there are lot of differencies between the communities, they are sharing one common struggle and that is the envir…
Social inclusion | Youth participation and empowerment

Sexuality and Consent in Disability

Autism is a neurodevelopmental condition that affects our communication, and sensory perception. Our research showed that 81% of autistic women were or are in abusive relationships and that 72% suffe…
Community development | Environment and sustainability


Social inclusion


Due to social stigma, autistic children are deprived of inclusive social environments. Families frequently feel isolated. Our innovative project aims to create a sensory play community center where f…
Education and research | Social inclusion

Mother2Mother empowerment project

Children need their mothers in order to grow healthy and to gain values that they need for their whole Life. But mothers need support and empowerment too.Our Mo2Mo project provides a network for mama…
Community development | Environment and sustainability


Once, producing food was an integral part of people's lives everywhere. It was the core basis of life-bringing and health-maintaining cultures. Today, we cannot say the same is true. Industrial means…

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