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Community development | Environment and sustainability

"Active community"

Active Residents which aims to support local communities in asserting their right to live in a clean environment, with access to healthy water,without the risk of loss of value of their property as a…
Environment and sustainability

Let's be ECO-frieldly

Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Academy of ecological changes

Our project is aimed at involving young people from the region in creating local ecological initiatives together with their local community and acquiring knowledge in the field of participation and c…
Community development | Social inclusion

Women of Change

We want to answer the challenge of women discrimination, including domestic violence, by creating time and space where women from different social and cultural background can meet together, develop, …
Community development | Environment and sustainability


The city of Pyrzyce does not have a place where, in an organized and importantly safe way, animal keepers can spend their free time. Our idea was born after observing residents walking around sports …

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