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Community development | Social inclusion

Sport against extremism

The objective of “Sport against extremism” project is to stimulate the active participation of young animators and young people, in the context of intercultural dialogue, to present the sport as an e…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Trails of Partecipation-Sentieri di Partecipazione

Depopulation, lack of opportunities for youth, isolation and neglected commons are all challenges faced by the 7 villages involved in our project. We want to revive our communities, reconnect them an…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

Kino Guarimba

Kino Guarimba is a film residency addressed to young filmmakers from all over the world who will come to our small town to shoot original short films in collaboration with the local community. At lea…
Youth participation and empowerment

Piccolo Volontari...crescono

L'idea è quella di avvicinare i bambini di età compresa tra 10-11 anni, al mondo della protezione civile al fine di renderli dei cittadini più consapevoli del loro territorio, di loro stessi delle po…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Data Meditation

Data as a generative process. Data used to experience the life of the other. Born during the COVID pandemics, Data Meditation is a technologic neo-ritual with strong social and psychological impacts…
Arts and cultural activities | Community development

The Ancient Dukedom of Milan’s Historical Castles

We have castles, canals, ancient farmhouses, beautiful rural landscapes, excellent gastronomy, relevant history and important legacies as the one from Leonardo da Vinci. All of this is quite unseen a…
Environment and sustainability | Youth participation and empowerment

Open minds in action for Teenagers’ Town Council

Starting from a Community Based Participatory Research, we are going to engage multicultural teenagers at different levels: proposing easy games activities to attract them, workshops on public issues…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

FabLab: create spaces for social development

The project aims at contribution for activating a "start-up phase" of social development through training for young people who face school dropout, vulnerability and uncertainty and urban regeneratio…

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