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Education and research | Social inclusion

Our kids are our future

Children have right to learn what's right, what's wrong, which are good and which are bad secrets, how they can protect themselves and prevent sexual abuse, they have the right to learn how and who c…
Community development | Environment and sustainability


The project is organized in five thematic cycles consisting of workshops, public lectures and public discussions that each cover a specific type of recyclable and upcyclable material (wood, electroni…
Health | Social inclusion


In these difficult times, especially now during COVID-19 pandemic, people need company and someone to talk to or someone to listen to them. Loneliness and social isolation are serious public health r…
Community development | Social inclusion

The Little Garden Project

We wish to activate the local gardening and permaculture community in broad volunteer action in envisioning and building therapeutic gardens for the inhabitants of The home for the elderly in Jalžabe…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Vote and Rock the Boat (Glasaj i talasaj)

Developing and fostering a more tolerant culture, democratic values and strengthening civic engagement in the youth of Dubrovnik-Neretva county. The idea is to raise the level of political literacy i…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Growing the Tree-nity of Resilience

As a coastal city, Zadar is vulnerable to many climate change effects, but severe lack of civic engagement in the area has hindered our efforts in dealing with these issues. Our project will empower …
Human rights

Who tolerates, profits!

In modern societies, in a world that increasingly recognizes the importance of global connectivity, it is important that children, in the process of developing emotional and social skills, learn to r…
Environment and sustainability | Social inclusion

Recycling Culture

Recycling plastics that are most harmful to nature - shredding plastics in a mill and making materials for 3D printing on a plastic extrusion machine with which we will hold further workshops on plas…

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