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Environment and sustainability

in process

in process
Social inclusion

Build bridges, not walls.

The public debate about gender (in)equalities is often offensive, emotional, and shrouded in myth, even at the highest official levels. Toxic masculinity and gender stereotypes harm men as well as wo…
Community development | Social inclusion

Fostering inclusive civic participation

This project aims at strengthening inclusive local participation through the means of intercultural counselling (individual) and direct support of a group of parents of migrant and bilingual children…
Community development | Social inclusion

Gender transparent comunication

Man and woman are unable to share and reflect them relationships stereotypes because they miss facilitated space and inner competences to speak about vulnerable issues, like parenthood care, politica…
Education and research

Teaching Teachers to Teach Citizens

Tolerance, respect for others, defence of democratic values are notions that we gain at home. If we don´t, we can still learn them at school. But it´s much more difficult. It´s why we need the best t…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

The Evolution of Volunteering

Our organization, INEX-SDA, is planning to create a motivational documentary on the development of volunteering in the last 30, post-revolutionary, years to help local communities’ beneficiary projec…

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