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Community development | Education and research

Mediation in the School - the Power of Dialog

Our ideas and goals for the project participants are to use mediation methods in the school with their classmates, teachers, parents, and friends. Conflicts at school can cause bullying. Through the …
Social inclusion

Engage a discussion on part-time jobs for mothers

Only 2% of jobs in Bulgaria are part-time compared to the EU average 30% as per Eurostat. We want to engage in discussion mothers, employers and governmental entities on the reasons behind the number…
Community development

ProBono Expertise for Mission Driven Organisations

We embrace pro bono superpowers of the corporate communities and harness them in favor of mission driven organisations (NGOs and Social entrepreneurs) to ensure their agility and resilience to effect…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment


Our idea is to train the local youth in these areas because there is still a need for unification, inclusion and development. The students will participate in training courses for building strong cha…
Community development | Social inclusion

Re-Activating Community Life in The Village

The elderly in Leskovets suffer the consequences of the demographic and political crisis- exclusion, low quality of life and civic cohesion, demotivation to take action for local development initiati…
Community development

Community Building(s)

Economic downturn in the city of Vratza has impeded proper care for historic buildings, although cultural heritage is key to economic development. Our one-year program will build a community around t…
Arts and cultural activities | Social inclusion

Conservation and presentation of cultural heritage

The cultural heritage of Sozopol has established it as a world destination. To maintain this level, is necessary to have full understanding between civil society, local government, institutions, loca…
Community development | Environment and sustainability


The challenge is low economic activity and village depopulation due to global warming and the reduced water resources. The project aims to motivate citizens to launch measures to open new water sou…

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