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Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Our Time Has Come

"I've got a hundred million reasons to walk away" or "Something about this place"- we live between those two lines by Lady Gaga. With your generous support we will put up a center for interactive ini…
Community development | Human rights

TOGETHER - In nature differences don't count!

Together We Can ensure social acceptance and bring joy and hope into the lives of special needs and disadvantaged children through mutual activities and enjoyment TOGETHER with typical children such …
Community development | Social inclusion


„Мegaphone“ project will give voice to neglected, pressing community issues to take them out of the zone of "tense silence." It will create bridges for dialogue between the encapsulated groups, will …
Community development | Social inclusion

Kitchen connects tastes and cultures

People, especially young ones, are increasingly staying in their apartments where they spend time on smart gadgets. We have noticed that social contact between people is very limited, sometimes only …
Arts and cultural activities | Youth participation and empowerment


Educational project focusing on media literacy aimed at children and adolescents in the suburbs of Rome. The project proposes a socio-cultural intervention aimed at raising awareness, empowerment and…
Community development | Environment and sustainability

Where Tomato means Paradise

“Paradicsom” is a homonymous word in Hungarian: stands for the vegetable tomato but also means paradise. Our community space “ParadicsomKocsma” connects diverse groups with its social and physical in…
Youth participation and empowerment

The apogee of youth

The concept of the idea involves three days of conferences and dialogues with young people, having as guests public figures who are still volunteering, young people who are involved in such projects,…
Health | Social inclusion

Arianna. Connect isolated people.

Project "Arianna" is born from a young female engineer who, having faced an oncological disease, experienced firsthand the social isolation and lack of information of when one is catapulted into a di…

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