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Community development | Social inclusion

Inspiration of Silver Wisdom

Elderly people in remote rural areas feel disregarded, impactless in their community. This generation is perceived as losers of the social, economical, cultural changes. Their attitudes have discoura…
Health | Social inclusion


Our great wish is: -to autistic people be equally involved in everyday local life and not be perceived by the environment as underestimating and disgusting -resolving and alleviating the plight and p…
Environment and sustainability

in process

in process
Education and research | Social inclusion

Mother2Mother empowerment project

Children need their mothers in order to grow healthy and to gain values that they need for their whole Life. But mothers need support and empowerment too.Our Mo2Mo project provides a network for mama…
Education and research

Teaching Teachers to Teach Citizens

Tolerance, respect for others, defence of democratic values are notions that we gain at home. If we don´t, we can still learn them at school. But it´s much more difficult. It´s why we need the best t…
Community development | Youth participation and empowerment

Empathy through Movies

We are professional educators, locally renown civil promoters and facilitators of public discourse. In our work we often see a lack of empathy from our students, limiting their perceptions. In prepar…
Arts and cultural activities | Education and research

Operastudio Puglia

Con l’Operastudio Puglia si vuole puntare la lente d’ingrandimento sul mondo della formazione e produzione in ambito artistico. Il percorso scelto permette un insieme di attività che diventano proces…
Community development | Social inclusion

Rabute of Istria

For centuries the villagers of Istria were helping each other in a tradition of voluntary charity actions called “rabute”. The tradition was lost due to modern individualism and conflicts in the vill…

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