Scouting partners

The Idea Challenge works with scouting partners in each of the twelve eligible countries. They are our local contact points commanding the respective national language and help us to spread the call to local communities and answering questions of applicants in their countries. Read further to understand what a scouting partner is, why we use this concept and who our scouting partners are for the call 2021.
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What is a scouting partner?

Scouting partners are local active members of civil society from the Civic Europe impact region that support the Civic Europe team to spread the call for the Idea Challenge in their countries. The main task of a scouting partner is to reach out through their local, regional and national networks and directly address relevant local actors on the ground, whose work and motivation fit the profile of the Civic Europe Idea Challenge. They are our local contact points commanding the respective national language and answering questions of applicants in their countries.

Why scouting partners?

The Civic Europe Idea Challenge wants to reach beyond the “usual suspects” of our networks, deep into the work of small-scale local organizations in Central, Eastern and Southern Europe. Civic Europe especially targets initiatives and organizations active in and around places with little or no opportunities for civic engagement and participation and a deficient civic infrastructure (few or no civil society organizations, no access to decision and policy making, community centers, libraries, museums, etc.).

To reach out to these local initiatives and organizations, the Civic Europe Idea Challenge team cooperates with local actors from civil society who are deeply connected to their national, regional and local networks of activists, CSOs (Civil Society Organizations) and local initiatives, who understand the specificities of the civic landscape of their country, region and context.

In 2020, we tried out this concept for the first time and were thrilled how well this method worked and have continued with this concept for this year's Idea Challenge.

Our scouting partners are:


Sofia Platform Foundation


Association for Civil Society Development SMART

Czech Republic






Közösségfejlesztők Egyesülete (Hungarian Association for Community Development)


ALDA (European Association for Local Democracy)


Jolanta Steciuk, NGO expert




Ashoka Romania


Centrum komunitného organizovania (Center for Community Organizing)


CNVOS - Slovenian NGO network


VIC Vivero de Iniciativas Ciudadanas