Community Award

Civic Europe empowers the community


The Community Award is part of the Idea Challenge. It was created to empower the community and let it participate in the selection process by voting one idea to the shortlist from which our jury will choose the Idea Challenge winners.

The Community Award winner receives funding of €3,000 and will profit from the comprehensive non-financial support similar to the winners of the Idea Challenge. For more information please see our Circles of Change. By implementing the Community Award, we deliberately use a method known as participatory grantmaking. We believe that actively involving those who are “affected” by funding decisions in decision-making is an example of the democratic practices we want to see in the world and that it fosters solidarity among the ideas.

Who can vote?

Anyone who has submitted an idea and their co-workers who have been added in the application procedure are entitled to vote for the Community Award. Those who are entitled to give their votes will be informed additionally via email prior to the start of the voting period.

How do you vote?

Please log in to your account in order to vote. When you click on an idea in the idea space, a detailed description will open where you can find the support button in the upper right corner, called “support”. Click on this button to vote for the idea. You can support multiple ideas, but you can only click once on each. If you no longer want to support an idea you can cancel the vote by clicking again on the “support” button. You cannot vote for your own idea.

What is it all about?


The Community Award is meant to serve as a motivation for dialogue rather than to foster competition among the ideas. It was created to give the community a voice and let it participate in the selection process by voting one idea to the shortlist. It is also a great opportunity to get to know the other ideas, support what they are doing and to even connect with each other using the comment function. The idea space should be a diverse, tolerant, respectful and supportive environment for civil society actors and that is why it is very important to respect and follow our Netiquette while commenting.

Please note: In case more than one idea gets the same number of votes, the grant will be divided among them.

All graphics are designed by Erica Brisson.